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Aligning Your CAS Practice with Best Practices: Introducing a Tool to Foster Essential Leadership Conversations in your Firm.

CPA.com has partnered with Succession Institute to create a CAS firm self-assessment tool designed to help you align to CAS Best Practices, launching in January 2021. Broken into categories, the tool looks at key areas and common practices within a firm that can easily, depending on how those issues are being addressed, promote success or create obstacles for the CAS Practice and its leadership. This tool will give you a snapshot of how key CAS practice stakeholders assess the current health, direction, and processes of the practice. Join creators Bill Reeb and Tommye Barie as they discuss the ways that firms can use this self-assessment to foster essential conversations that can quickly impact your firm’s trajectory for growth, profitability and future success of your CAS Practice and the clients you serve.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this webcast, participants will know/be able to:

  1. Identify how their CAS practice could currently benefit from self-assessment.
  2. Recognize how the Firm Self-Assessment can be used by leadership as a tool to grow the CAS practice
  3. Identify the key stakeholders to complete the firm self-assessment and participate in the essential conversations.
  4. Recognize the practice’s operational hurdles that stand in the way of improved efficiency, and success.


Bill Reeb, Chair, American Institute of CPAs

Tommye E. Barrie, Executive Vice President of Leadership Development, Succession Institute

Michael Cerami, VP, Strategic Alliances & Business Development, CPA.com