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Adding value to assurance engagements: Insights and recommendations

Audit reports, financial statements and other CPA assurance services represent the many hours of specialized, professional work performed. They are now also key "data inputs" for the various stakeholders. Client retention and new business growth demands innovation in assurance services, and that can start with how you, your clients, and their stakeholders exchange, distribute, track and control financial statements and information. Whether you're focused on Audits and Reviews or getting into SOC reports and Cyber, we'll highlight important insights and recommendations to improve your entire end-to-end process of client collaboration.

Watch this on-demand presentation to glimpse into the future of A&A and help you discover how to:

  • Address inefficiencies with assurance engagements to truly add value for your clients
  • Solve the uncomfortable challenge of withdrawals and reissues
  • Plan a pain-free path to innovation though digital transformation of financial information exchange