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Adapting to policy changes for credit union audit report submission

With more focus on the security and protection of important financial information, organizations are taking a closer look at their processes for exchanging documents such as audit reports. After conducting a periodic material loss review, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) issued an updated policy in May 2017 to ensure information provided by credit unions is authentic and unaltered.

As part of the update, the NCUA provided credit unions with options for submitting audit reports. Join us for webinar where we will explore those options and the impact this updated policy has on firms and their credit union clients.

We’ll share how firms and credit unions are using RIVIO Clearinghouse to comply with the policy and discuss:

  • Details of the updated NCUA policy
  • Challenges and concerns raised by the new NCUA policy for firms and credit unions
  • What’s driving the need for digital and validated exchange of information
  • How to establish a more controlled and efficient process for exchanging financial information
  • And more!