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Accelerating your Financial Close

Finance teams in corporations are feeling increasing pressure to accelerate their monthly and quarterly financial closes. The sooner you can close your books, the sooner you can start forecasting and planning. Faster closes are also more resource efficient and therefore less costly.

In this panel discussion, Erik Asgeirsson, CEO of CPA.com, Tom Hood, EVP Business Engagement & Growth at the AICPA, Kelsey Letizia, Controller at Heyday, and Tom Kirby, Founder and CEO of PrepDD discuss best practices for accelerating accelerate your financial close.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the importance of closing the books faster
  • Identifying the various levers that finance teams have to accelerate the financial close
  • Understanding the technical solutions available in the marketplace to improve the efficiency of the closes
  • Illustration of how the proper workflow can tie the various processes and technologies together