Tax planning is just the beginning

Roadmap Workshop to Developing a Tax and
Personal Financial Planning Advisory Service

Building an advisory service that gives clients peace of mind & grows your revenue.

Tax compliance services are not enough for clients who have an incomplete understanding of their personal financial situation and are seeking advice on topics like cash flow planning, retirement planning, tax planning, education planning, issues with risk management, and more.

As preparation services face increasing competition, now is the time to build a high-value, future-ready personal financial life planning service for individual clients. This will smooth your workload, bolster your revenue stream, and deepen your relationships with clients.

In this workshop, you will receive a roadmap to build this service model, learn from practitioners that have already expanded successfully, and receive action-oriented tools to get you there faster.

Leverage your firm’s expertise to offer individual clients a service that answers their questions about personal financial planning, and provides you ongoing, recurring engagements that go beyond producing tax returns.