Jeremy Drane

Chief Commercial Officer, Lukka

Lukka’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jeremy Drane, is a crypto asset industry veteran. A renowned thought leader in digital asset management, Jeremy’s network extends broad and deep across crypto exchanges and the digital investment community. A foundational member of the Lukka team, Jeremy’s influence is reflected from Lukka product vision, market research and intelligence, and in the firm’s top tier institutional client base. Prior to joining Lukka, he spent more than thirteen years growing PwC’s Assurance, Tax, and Advisory practices while holding various business development and leadership roles. In his last role at the Firm, he was the first consultant in PwC’s U.S. Blockchain & Smart Contract practice which is where he discovered Lukka (formerly known as Libra) and established a relationship between the two companies, which ultimately led to Jeremy working directly for Lukka beginning in 2016.