George Blankenship

George Blankenship

Former Tesla, Apple and GAP Inc. executive, George Blankenship, drives businesses toward innovation and transforms companies from status quo market contenders to forward-thinking and dynamic companies of the future.

George Blankenship brings 30 years of international strategy, retail and real estate experience to his audiences. He most recently disrupted the auto industry, redefined customer engagement, and revolutionized the car-buying experience in his executive role at Tesla Motors. As vice president of real estate at Apple, Blankenship formulated and executed one of the most triumphant retail growth strategies in history and is widely recognized as the architect of Apple’s brand-building retail method. Apple saw a material, sustained increase in sales, profit and consumer loyalty due to Blankenship’s focus on reformulation of the consumer experience, building brand awareness, and ongoing accessibility to customers. Blankenship has meaningfully redefined the role of superior customer experience in contemporary markets and knows how to hone and refine corporate values to deeply strengthen customer loyalty. An industry leader and market expert, he brings high-energy and unmatched insight on how companies can build and create brand loyalty, remain competitively positioned in a modern market, and thoroughly equip themselves to deliver first-class customer care. His innovative processes inform and transform secure, status quo organizations into forward-thinking and dynamic players of the future.

Remove Barriers to Reinvent the Client Experience

Learn how to equip your organization and deliver what your clients most want and need as George Blankenship conveys animated stories of challenge, strategy and demonstrated results. How far do you need to go to change the way people think and act? With 30 years of strategy, retail and real estate experience, the former Tesla and Apple executive believes in order to develop brand loyalty and earn the trust of clients, organizations must first dedicate themselves to understanding the client experience.

Blankenship captivates audiences and energizes them with the tools they need to remove barriers to innovation, deliver outstanding experiences, and create a culture of service excellence. His high-energy presentation inspires audiences to rethink the challenges that face leaders in a modern market and develop groundbreaking, client-centric strategies that will transform and elevate organizations into global icons.