Cassie Kozyrkov

Chief Decision Scientist at Google

Cassie Kozyrkov is an Artificial Intelligence keynote speaker, Data Science expert, Technology Evangelist, Chief Decision Scientist at Google, and the Creator of the Making Friends with Machine Learning series. She is consistently listed as one of the top voices in her field for her deep expertise and ability to make complex ideas easy to understand. Her mission is to make using data and AI safe and effective for the world.

In 2019, she was rated the #1 Top Voice in Data Science and Analytics by LinkedIn and appeared on the Forbes AI data science issue cover. In 2021, Analytics Insight called her one of the Top 10 AI Thought Leaders and Influencers to Follow. And in 2022, WomenTech Network named her one of the top 100 Executive Women in Tech to Watch, and Data Science Salon called her one of the Top 25 Data Science Influencers To Follow.

For years, Cassie has been the force behind the practice of Decision Intelligence at Google. Over her career, she has personally trained over 20,000 Googlers in machine learning, statistics, and data-driven decision-making. And she has presented on the topics of AI and Data Science to audiences worldwide.

As a thought leader, Cassie has almost 500,000 followers on LinkedIn. She regularly publishes data-science articles on her blog. And her work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

Cassie originally joined Google as a statistician in the Research and Machine Intelligence division in 2014. Then in 2016, she was promoted to Chief Data Scientist, and in 2017, she was promoted to Chief Decision Scientist. Before working for Google, she worked as a Decision Science Lecturer, Curriculum Developer, Statistics Instructor, and Data Science Consultant.

Cassie earned a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago, a Master’s degree in Mathematical Statistics from North Carolina State University, and a Ph.D. ABD in Psychology and Neuroscience from Duke University.