Untethering from clients to build new opportunities

Sharon Berman and Samantha Mansfield discuss strategies on how to focus on entrepreneurship within your firm while managing client relationships.

Kill Quill? The Potential Impact that the South Dakota vs Wayfair Case has on Sales and Use Tax

If you follow Sales and Use Tax news, you are aware of the approaching US Supreme Court oral discussions for the South Dakota vs Wayfair case, which is set for Tuesday April 17, 2018. In this discussion, which took place Tuesday March 20, 2018, Peggi Rockefeller, Chief Tax Officer with Vertex Inc, provides us with an overview of the case, how it impacts Quill, and the potential impact this ruling could have on sales and use tax as we know it.

Interviewer: Elena Strong, Marketing Manager, CPA.com
Interviewee: Peggi Rockefeller, Chief Tax Officer, Vertex Inc.

Expensify's David Barrett Interview

Hear the CEO of Expensify talk about where technology is taking us forward.

Accounting Firm Rolls Out Cloud Based Services

Learn more about how Kristen Berdar and her team at BST & Co has created virtual platform for outsourcing services. They have gone beyond just serving as a traditional accounting firm for their clients, and have helped their clients make meaning from the numbers.

Interviewer: Deneen Dias
Interviewee : Kristen Berdar

Community: Help make connections

In this discussion, Samantha and Carolyn discuss the importance of finding a community of likeminded professionals, and how the DCPA Community has been that to Carolyn.

Interviewer: Samantha Mansfield
Interviewee: Carolyn Hall, CPA, Wiss

Innovation Happening in Accounting

Innovation in the accounting profession is here to say. In this discussion, Bill Sheridan and Samantha Mansfield discuss why innovation is important, and examples of how it is happening in the accounting profession.

Interviewer: Samantha Mansfield
Interviewee: Bill Sheridan