ABLE - Jeff Pawlow, CEO

Jeff Pawlow, CEO of The Growth Partnership and ABLE, where he developed a CRM tool for CPAs, discusses professional intimacy. Which is, understanding the client and fully understanding their operation and niche industry they practice in, to be able to serve them at the advisory level and just not as a compliance vendor.

Hubdoc - Jamie Shulman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Hubdoc Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Jamie Shulman joins us to share the perspective of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which really is automation. How it saves time, eliminates data entry and as it learns, the more accurate it becomes. However, it will still not replace the human element of the advisor and client relationship.

Vertex - David Deputy, Director, Strategic Development & Emerging Markets

David Deputy, Director, Strategic Development & Emerging Markets with Vertex, shares his perspective on Blockchain. How it will reduce administrative costs and fraud while upholding the non-discrimination principle in tax and regulatory compliance. Government receipts and tax areas are one of the first places it will be deployed. Did you know, 5000 years ago a Samarian clay tablet was our first type of receipt? Today, Blockchain brings us the digital receipt.

Sage Intacct - Kevin Cumley, Director, Intacct Accounts Program

Kevin Cumley, Director Intacct Accounts Program, relays there is a shift in the last five years. A majority of growth is happening in advisory services. Kevin shares his favorite quote, “If you don’t like the change, you will like irrelevancy even less.” The reality, you need to step in and become involved in it. It needs to start at the top with a leader/change agent to drive it forward.

Xero - Liz Mason

Liz Mason, national ambassador for Xero, reviews another hot, key word in the accounting profession, artificial intelligence. Machine Learning algorithm is the wave of the future. It’s about the business environment and people. We cannot program emotion into a computer.

Fathom - Madeline Reeves, Director of Market Development

Madeline Reeves, Director of Market Development at Fathom, acknowledges that the advisory piece has become the topic of the year. She relays, “Firms are already advisors in many ways. They need to scale services across their firm and form more meaningful relationships with clients.” The first thing to understand, is how the firm functions and their protocols to determine effective client advisory services.

XCM Solutions - Mike Sabbatis, CEO

Mike Sabbatis, CEO, XCM® Solutions, shares his perspective of the speed, depth and configurability of data analytics that is driving transformation. Additionally, Mike discusses how the transformation of the accounting professional helps predict business outcomes, builds capacity and offers services that are more valuable to clients. Transformation isn’t an event, it is an ongoing journey with many influences impacting transformation.