DCPA20 Sponsors - Tally Street - Multiply the value of accounting data

Join Brian Suthoff, CEO and Co-founder of Tally Street, a 2020 cohort Accelerator Program participant, as he discusses the value of the customer insights hiding in accounting of data. Many years ago, Marc Andreessen stated “software is eating the world.’ Brian shares how smart software (with AI and ML under the hood) can help CPAs multiply the value of accounting data by discovering and using the customer stories buried in that goldmine. The first step is to help clients ask the right questions. “The tools are there, just get started.”

DCPA20 Sponsors - Sage - Become more predictive and peer into the future

Ed Kless, Sr. Director, Partner Development and Strategy with Sage, joins us today to share his perspective with the Digital CPA community on innovation and technology. “All change begins with shifts in language.” Rather than using the word ‘client,’ we should focus on the ‘customer’ within the CPA profession. Instead of just compliance you have to give advice. He advises us to become more predictive and peer into the future, rather than getting lost in the data. Become 80% confident and move.

DCPA20 Sponsors - Rippling - Create an efficiency model

Join Joel Lacayo, Lead Channel Account Executive with Rippling, as he shares Rippling’s start to finish solution set to enable CPA firms to drive transformational change for clients with their employee management platform. Learn about creating an efficiency model with one single platform that holds all the data.

DCPA20 Sponsors - Rewind - Stop thinking of the what-if’s

Catch Kellie Parks, CPB, Cloud Accounting Specialist with Rewind, as she speaks to transforming and creating confidence to be ahead of the curve and take a leap of faith to be successful with digital technology. Kellie shares, “stop thinking of the what-if’s and oh-no’s. Manage the work through mapping it out.”

DCPA20 Sponsors - Practice Ignition - Streaming your processes with cloud technology

Join Reid Schretlen, Account Manager with Practice Ignition, as he shares how streamlining your processes with cloud technology will improve your client experience while saving you time. You can also use cloud technology to differentiate yourself and expand your service offering. For CPA’s that are willing to lean in and put work in to it, there is a huge opportunity to provide new technology advisory and experiences for your client.