Interviewee: David Bergstein, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Intuit

David Bergstein, Digital Evangelist at Intuit, shares Intuit’s thoughts on how Artificial Intelligence assists, gathers, places and categorizes data to make the accountant’s life easier, allowing them to better advise clients and make important decisions.

Inflo Software

Interviewee: Evan DeFord, Customer Experience Director, Inflo Software

Success lies in understanding this is a journey. Leverage the technology to allow time for engagement teams and the context to client’s data.


Interviewee: Enrico Palmerino, Founder & CEO, BotKeeper

Categorization, Classification and Reconciliation are now completed through a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and knowledgeable human accountants, increasing data accuracy to 99% and elevating the CPAs value to their clients.


Interviewee: Molly Boyle, Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing, BlackLine

Molly Boyle, Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing with BlackLine, takes a look at the transformation of the audit. It is about the harmony between people, process and technology and the “Art of the Possible.”


Interviewee: Kurt Kunselman, COO, AccountingSuite

Kurt Kunselman, COO of AccountingSuite, shares his perspective of preparing for the future of blockchain. Once it’s broken down, it is a simple concept. The biggest change will be in auditing. It will help automate so the CPA can have a value-added practice.

Spotlight Reporting

Interviewee: Patrick Stern - Lead, North America and Senior Account Manager for Spotlight Reporting
Interviewer: Della Copp, CPA.com

Join Patrick Stern as he shares the many facets and variables available to scale your time with technology to offer unique advisory services for small, five person firms and larger. Patrick gives examples across different practice areas, from tax, wealth management and consulting/audit as clients look at transforming their practice areas.


Interviewee: Stuart McLeod, CEO, Karbon Inc.
Interviewer: Della Copp, CPA.com

Join Stuart McLeod as he speaks about bringing casual collisions into one place through 4 areas: capability, productivity, reach and technology to enable the digital CPA to be successful with client accounting advisory services.