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Managing EPL (Employment Practices Liability) Risk

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Laura Lapidus, an employment attorney and the Management Liability (EPL) Risk Control Director at CNA, Timothy Domanick, Principle at Jackson Lewis P.C., one of the country’s preeminent workplace law firms, and “Modernizing Your Practice” lead Steven Menges as they discuss a topic that is especially important to growing firms, employment practices liability (EPL) risk. Laura, Tim and Steve will discuss EPL and share both data and experience-based insights, including unique factors impacting growing CPA firms, challenges regarding compliance with new and updated employment regulations and discrimination laws, and how firms can set a “tone at the top” regarding maintenance of a non-discriminatory and safe workplace as the firm and modern workplace grows and changes.

Whether your firm is rapidly growing organically, adding new practice areas, or is involved with a merger or acquisition of another firm, you don’t want EPL risks to negatively impact your growth plan and future success.


  • Laura Lapidus*, Management Liability (EPL) Risk Control Director, CNA
  • Timothy Domanick, Principle, Jackson Lewis P.C.


Steven A. Menges, Product Team – Assurance, CPA.com

*“Ms. Lapidus’ opinions are her own: they should not be construed as legal advice; they are not solicitations to buy insurance, and they do not necessarily reflect those of the positions of the CNA insurance companies. Please remember that only the relevant insurance policy can provide the actual terms, coverages, amounts, conditions, and exclusions for an insured in the context of a specific claim situation.”


  • EPL and employment law issues for growing firms in the remote working era
  • Good firms gone bad: Discrimination, Harassment, and still often charting at #1: Retaliation
  • Tips to both stay true to your firm’s roots and avoid EPL risk as you grow

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