Efficient, high quality employee benefit plan audits

OnPoint EBP

OnPoint EBP

OnPoint EBP Product Overview

End-to-end solution for performing employee benefit plan audits pursuant to ERISA Section 103(a)(3)(C)


Drive efficient, high quality employee benefit plan audits with OnPoint EBP

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Improving realization through a dynamic solution

When auditing employee benefit plans (EBPs), do you struggle with redundant data entry, documentation and other inefficiencies? Is there extra work you need to do to ensure the audit meets your quality standards?

OnPoint EBP offers an end-to-end solution for performing employee benefit plan audits pursuant to ERISA Section 103(a)(3)(C). Part of the OnPoint A&A Suite, this comprehensive solution streamlines the process, from planning to delivery of the auditor’s report by applying logic to the data provided and using default setup, automating much of the work that has traditionally required manual data entry, setup or reconciliation. Here’s how it works:

  1. After initial engagement acceptance, you will complete a unique plan profile which will automate the build out of required procedures and will guide your risk assessment.
  2. As you work, you’ll notice pre-populated responses are there automatically based on how responses would look in a typical plan audit, saving you time.
  3. Letters, financial statements and disclosure notes are drafted and dynamically updated as you provide additional information.
  4. The end result: Significant automation in logical places to drive an efficient, high quality audit.

Key Benefits

With OnPoint EBP, your firm will experience numerous benefits including:

Collaborate in real-time:
Ensure your team and clients stay connected from anywhere with effective, real-time collaboration in the cloud.
Gain efficiency:
Enter common data a single time to populate multiple areas in the engagement file, and be alerted to non-standard responses.
Save time:
Leverage standardized testing templates to expedite testing for every engagement.
Heighten visibility to data:
Gain a better understanding of year-over- year financial information with preliminary and final analytics.
Improve client communications:
Personalize and centralize client communications and requests through an integrated cloud approach.


OnPoint EBP


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