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Modernizing Your Practice

Modernizing a practice includes innovating to reduce risk and improve quality.


CPA.com is dedicated to leading technology and related research and innovation efforts for practitioners to help drive the transformation of core practice areas. Our investment in research and innovation is displayed through numerous strategic initiatives including curation of educational resources. CPA.com has established itself as a thought leader, and thru strategic initiatives, the thought starters of the profession.


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The goal of "Modernizing Your Practice" is to curate clarity around complex legal and risk management topics for firms of all sizes.

In this content series you'll hear from industry experts on key legal and professional liability risk topics in a variety of bite-sized and short-to-medium form content, all with an eye toward the transformation of today's audit and assurance practices.


The Modernizing Your Practice podcast mini-series is available here, with every episode available and sharable. The content is also distributed via special 3-segment “Modernising Your CPA Practice” episodes of the Go Beyond Disruption Podcast (produced by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA & CIMA)).

Listen to all Modernizing Your Practice episodes here or subscribe to the Go Beyond Disruption podcast. Click “Listen now” to hear each episode or view that episode’s shownotes. You can also now read the edited transcript for each episode as well.


The Cost of Liability Risk



Managing EPL (Employment Practices Liability) Risk



Matters for Consideration: A CPA Firm Quality and Risk Wellness Plan Discussion



Engagement Letters: Foundational Best Practices



Privity in Third-party Audit Claims



Hosting Services Interpretation, Portals and More – A Discussion



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About the Modernizing Your Practice team

Subject matter experts from the accounting, legal, technology, compliance, insurance, risk management and related fields, the Modernizing Your Practice team is dedicated to contributing their knowledge, unique expertise, and time to help educate and support firms as they navigate the changing landscape.


Building a future ready firm

The accounting landscape is changing rapidly and one word—complexity—defines both the greatest challenge and opportunity for CPAs. To keep pace with client expectations, firms are rethinking their strategies for practice management, client services and talent development.

CPA.com is your primary source for taking the complexity out of moving your firm into the digital arena – enabling you to focus on growing your business with the smartest solutions in our profession.

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