The Fundamental Client Accounting Advisory Services Certificate Program

Set yourself apart and strengthen your expertise in Client Advisory Services with our Fundamental Client Accounting Advisory Services Certificate.

More firms are expanding their client accounting advisory services and are looking for ways to develop their staff with the skills they need to deliver high quality service to clients. Accounting professionals are looking to add competencies in:

  • Workflow analysis and design
  • Effective consultative client interactions
  • How to stay abreast of emerging technologies
  • Successfully onboarding clients
  • Performing impactful client assessments and AICPA collaborated with some nationally recognized leaders to design and instruct learning modules on these topics. Upon completion, you will have core competencies in fundamental client accounting service deliverables, and a digital badge to demonstrate your expertise.


Learn About The Client Accounting Advisory Services Certificate


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While obtaining this certificate, you will learn how to:



Understand what is driving this opportunity and clarifying what CAAS is.

Develop the skills you need to stay aware of emerging technology.

Learn about SSARS21 Section 70 and its impact on client engagement.

Learn how to do workflow analysis and documenting the CAAS process for clients.



Develop the techniques to effectively communicate and consult with your clients.

Learn the core techniques of how to perform a successful client assessment.

Build a successful on-boarding plan to ensure a smooth transistor as you adjust your clients processes.

Measure results with key performance indicators and critical success factors.



Blended Learning Experience



DAY 1 | DAY 2

Topics Covered at Our
2 Day Live Workshop:

  • Client Service Delivery – Best Practices for Client Engagement and Management
  • Pricing the Service Delivery Model
  • Client Engagement Letter and Service Level Engagement
  • Key Cloud Based Solution Tool Studies
  • Staffing For Success
  • Measuring Results – Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
  • Business Planning for the Cloud-Based CAS Practice
  • 7 Minute Presentation Exercise



Self Study Curriculum


Introduction to client accounting advisory services
The purpose of this session is to provide participants an introduction to CAAS.  We will present research by Geoffrey Moore to demonstrate what is driving this opportunity and clarifying what CAAS is.
Author/Instructor: Samantha Mansfield
1 CPE hour
Emerging Technology Considerations for the CAAS professional
To be successful with a CAS business model you can’t select your technology now and leave it the same for the next 5 years. You need skills on how to stay aware of emerging technology and be aware of how the lack of current technology impacts the impression of your practice.
Author/Instructor: Greg Lafollette
1.5 CPE hours
SSARS No. 21 Considerations for the CAAS Professional
SSARS21 Section 70 has a great impact on the engagement agreement and service a CPA firm can offer. Due to this we will review how this impacts the firms engagement letters and explain this change to clients and users of the financials.
Author/Instructor: Al Anderson
2 CPE hours
Designing and Documenting CAAS Workflow
To start a CAAS engagement with a client you must be able to analyze their current workflow and design an effective one for them to work with you. Documentation is also key for effective communication. This session will teach how to do workflow analysis and documenting the process for clients.
Author/Instructor: Boomer Consulting
3 CPE hours
CAAS Client Interactions and Relationships
When accounting staff begin to interact with clients in a more consultative and advisory manner there are additional skills we need to build. This session will teach techniques on effective communication with clients, either in person or virtually, and listening for problems and opportunities to help the client.
Author/Instructor: Katie Tolin
4 CPE hours
CAAS Client Assessments
Performing the client assessment is a key step in starting a CAS engagement with a client.  Client assessments ensure there is clarity in both existing processes and with that changes that will need to be made. This is a service that is refined by the firm overtime, but this session will teach some core techniques to perform a successful client assessment.
Author/Instructor: Dixie McCurley
4 CPE hours
CAAS Client On-Boarding
Starting out on the right foot is crucial for any service. This session will share tips and techniques for smooth on-boarding and leading a client through change and transitioning their processes.
Author/Instructor: TBA
3 CPE hours





Who should get the certificate?

Practitioners in firms that are taking the lead in building CAAS.

  1. Partners leading the development of the CAAS service line
  2. Senior staff being tasked with management of CAAS operations
  3. Senior staff being charged with growing the CAAS business
  4. Firm partners and team looking to take CAAS to the next level within their practice

You don't have to be a CPA to benefit from this knowledge




DCPA Network brings leaders together

Boomer Consulting

Boomer Consulting is a profession leader which has a unique specialty in helping accounting firms improve their workflow. Their lean Six Sigma, Project Management and Workflow/Constraint Management principles to accounting processes; eliminating non-value added steps, improving flow of work, and building quality into every process so that CPA firms can maximize the value of their work and improve their bottom lines.


Greg LaFollette
Strategic Advisor at

Greg is one of the most recognized and respected voices on technology within the accounting profession. He has a broad background in the field, having spent time in private practice, as an executive with a top-tier technology vendor and as an editor of a leading publication keyed to accounting technology. He is also a sought-after speaker at trade shows and conferences.

Prior to joining, Greg was a consultant to public accounting firms and to technology vendors with a focus on the accounting profession. Additionally, he was the Executive Editor of TheTechGap — the country’s first blog specifically created for the tax and accounting profession and for vendors who seek to serve that community, and Senior Manager of Tax and Technology Consulting with the Top 25 firm of Eide Bailly, LLP.



Katie Tolin
CPA Growth Guides, LLC

Katie Tolin, Chief Growth Guide, CPA Growth Guides LLC Before founding CPA Growth Guides in 2015, Katie Tolin spent nearly 20 years in professional services marketing in local, regional, super regional and national firms. An award winning marketer, she now helps firms across the country drive top-line revenue and profitability.A frequent speaker and author, Katie is a past president of the Association for Accounting Marketing. For the past two years, Accounting Today named Katie one of the top 100 most influential people in accounting, and she was one of CPA Practice Advisors’ Most Powerful Women in Accounting in 2015. In addition, she was named Accounting Marketing of the Year in 2010 and has won a total of 12 Marketing Achievement Awards from the Association for Accounting Marketing and a Silver Quill and Best of Division award from the International Association of Business Communicators. Katie is also a contributing author to Bulls-Eye: The Ultimate How-To Marketing & Sales Guide for CPAs.


Alan Anderson
Owner, ACCOUNTability Plus

Al has over 25 years of experience in the accounting profession. After working primarily as a partner and National Director of Audit in the firm of McGladrey and Pullen, LLP and with the American Institute of CPAs as Senior Vice President of Member and Public Interest, Al founded ACCOUNT-ability Plus headquartered in Minneapolis.

Al’s experience in the world of auditing reaches far and wide. This includes helping to standardize the global audit approach of McGladrey and Pullen, overseeing the AICPA’s technical audit and accounting standards, including self-regulation and the CPA examination and implementing paperless solutions.




Samantha oversees’s communications initiatives, including social media outreach and content creation for the Digital CPA Network. She is driven by her passion to help public accounting practitioners leverage technology strategically to grow their businesses.

Prior to, Samantha consulted with accounting firms on innovative practices and also conducted internal training at Thomson-Reuters. She was recognized in 2016 as one of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting and has been named to CPA Practice Advisor’s “40 Under 40” list for the past two years.

Samantha has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mich. She has served on the board of two nonprofit organizations and spends time volunteering.



Looking for a way to revolutionize traditional accounting, Dixie McCurley set out to revolutionize accounting practices for small- to medium-sized businesses by offering a new way of thinking about process. With a unique method that capitalizes upon the latest technology, she walks each client through their pain points. Experienced in a wide range of industries, Dixie provides innovative solutions to inefficient accounting methods. From personnel to policies to procedures, she streamlines the process, using the latest technology to get data into dashboards to empower Controllers and CFOs. Dixie has lived in Atlanta for over 13 years. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Dixie spends her free time dining at the hundreds of amazing restaurants Atlanta has to offer.




Two Pricing Options






For those practitioners that have taken the Client Accounting Advisory Services Roadmap Workshop, you only need to sign up for the self-study bundle of courses to earn the certificate.




Full certificate including the Workshop

For practitioners wanting to earn the CAAS Certificate and have not taken the Client Accounting Advisory Services Roadmap Workshop, you need to sign up for the Workshop first, then the self-study bundle.

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“I found that the exchange of ideas and information between practitioners with a variety of backgrounds and experiences made the workshop as valuable for me as an established CAS practitioner as it was for those new to the field.”

David Ligotti
Oakwood Business Services

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