Spend Management: An Approachable Client Advisory Services Workshop


Spend Management Workshop

Approachable advisory with spend management

Spend Management Services can transform your advisory relationship with clients at every level.  The workshop will begin with an overview of spend management and its importance in the current business landscape, and provide accounting firms with practical insights on how to integrate the services into their CAS offerings. Attendees will learn how to identify the right clients for these services, as well as how to build and upskill the right team to deliver spend management services effectively. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and activities to deepen their understanding of key concepts and strategies, including responding to client objections. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of how to deliver spend management services to drive better client results, and how to position their firm as an advisor and strategic partner to their clients.


What is spend management?

Watch this short video to learn more about this approachable advisory opportunity, and how spend management technology works for you and your clients.

Read our blog to learn more about how spend management can save your clients time and money.


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