Are you using the right KPIs?

2018 CAS Benchmark Survey

Participate in the 2018 CAS Benchmark Survey

What is the CAS Benchmark Survey?

Client Accounting Advisory Services are one of the fastest growing in the profession, and many firms are looking for the best ways to measure their practices. and AICPA PCPS partnered to create a survey to gather the benchmarks and develop the KPIs of Client Accounting Advisory Services (CAS) practices across the country.

This survey will help you:

  • Set expectations and goals for your CAS practice.
  • Identify the new benchmarks and terminology to label and measure CAS practices.
  • Benchmark against other practices and see what's next for your CAS practice.
  • Recognize the key performance indicators of the top-performing CAS practices.

Who should take the survey?

  • This survey is for professionals who work in Client Accounting Advisory Services practices.

Why should you take the survey?

Participants of the survey will get a free personalized summary report. The report will be available for download in PDF and excel formats, as well as a platform to create your own reports and benchmarking comparisons.

The results will:

  • Provide data that supports best practices.
  • Identify the new benchmarks to measure CAS practices.
  • Detail benchmark data to create buy-in within firms.
  • Develop key performance indicators.

How do you take the survey?

  • Participate at
  • You can answer the survey in pieces or all at once.
  • The survey takes approximately one hour to complete.
  • The survey will be open from June 1 to July 15, 2018.

How do you get the survey results?

  • Results will be presented at Digital CPA Conference in December. Learn more about DCPA here.
  • You will receive access to your free personalized summary report on December 5, 2018.