New White Paper shows how your firm can profit from cloud-based accounting services

If you have been looking for practical tips and information on integrating new cloud-based accounting solutions into your practice, you'll want to download our new White Paper "Transforming Your Client Accounting Services - Accounting Firm Best Practices on how to Strategically Price, Package and Position Client Accounting Services within Your Firm."

In this new white paper, you'll learn how progressive firms are transforming their client accounting services area, from basic transactional services like A/P and A/R to more profitable outsourced CFO services. You will also learn how to maintain a competitive edge by leveraging cloud-based technology and innovative marketing strategies to provide higher margin, value-added services to your clients.

The White Paper shows how web-based accounting applications can enhance productivity, increase collaboration, reduce costs and generate a profitable return on investment for your firm and your clients.

These are some of the key areas the White Paper will address:

  • The challenges firms face with traditional low-margin client accounting services, such as write-up, bookkeeping and transactional services such as A/P and A/R
  • Shifting the focus from these low-profit, transaction-oriented services to higher-margin consultative services, such as outsourced controllership and virtual CFO services (financial statement and cash flow analysis, budgeting, business planning, etc.)
  • Profiles and lessons learned from 6 CPA firms who are leading the way in transforming this area of their practice
  • How firms are deepening client relationships by improving their clients' business processes, cash flow, and profitability
  • How to position, package and price cloud-based accounting services successfully
  • Creating non-traditional work environments that take advantage of remote or part-time resources
  • ROI analysis that shows how cloud-based accounting solutions can increase your firm's revenue and profitability

If you would like to learn how you can expand your client accounting services practice with cloud-based services, please download this free white paper now!

Is this the year your firm hopes to go paperless?

One tip: Invest in a quality scanner!

With new cloud-based services, like's paperless bill management solution and Copanion's paperless tax workflow system, accounting firms are finally moving closer and closer to a true paperless office. Cloud solutions like and Copanion's GruntWorx let you quickly scan and upload client documents as soon as they land on your desk, where you can then process, manage and act on these documents in a timely manner.

One word of advice, especially for this tax season, invest in a quality scanner. In a recent AICPA CPA Insider article entitled, "Don't Skimp on Scanners" author Alexandra DeFelice provides some excellent advice and tips on choosing the right scanner for your firm's needs.

CPA2Biz and Copanion recently ran a live web seminar on "Best Practices for Scanning Tax Documents." If you missed this complimentary web event, you can view it now in its entirety.

Are you using a scanner to upload, organize, store, process and manage client documents, from invoices to W-2s and 1099s and brokerage statements? Are you happy with the scanner you currently have? Finally, do you scan before processing or after the fact for simple archival purposes? What advice or recommendations would you have for CPAs shopping for a scanner? Please share your experiences here.

Cloud Accounting Enables Firm to Continue Operations Despite Devastating Hurricanes in Florida

When you look at the advantages of cloud-based accounting solutions over traditional on-premise software, you might not consider Mother Nature as a key factor in the decision-making process. However, the recent experience of Harrod CPA, an accounting firm that was able to continue operations despite devastating hurricanes in Florida serves as confirmation of the unique benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions in your firm.

Not long ago, "…when there were three major hurricanes that devastated the central Florida area, Harrod's staff had to evacuate the state for several days. Fortunately, since Intacct's cloud accounting applications are accessible over the Internet, the firm could continue to operate and serve its clients without major disruption."

"We definitely had a competitive advantage due to the Intacct system," noted Harrod. "We reassured our clients, some of whom are scattered throughout the state of Florida, that their data was safe and secure at the IBM data center in California used by Intacct. Even though they were without power for days and their businesses sustained damage, we could continue to provide our service and the clients' financial systems never went down. Other clients not on Intacct were not so fortunate. Since then, many of these clients have migrated to Intacct due to these concerns and the need to mitigate future risk associated with hurricanes in the state."

You can read the recent press release and access the case study posted by Intacct on how the Move to Cloud Accounting With Intacct Helped Harrod CPA Improve Service and Increase Client Success.

If you have recently begun using cloud-based solutions, like Intacct or, or are considering the move to the cloud, please share your experiences here, including the challenges of using traditional on-premise accounting software and the unique benefits your firm experienced with cloud-based solutions.

Welcome to the Transforming Client Accounting Blog

A Special Message from Erik Asgeirsson, President and Chief Executive Officer, CPA2Biz, Inc.

The world of client accounting is changing. New cloud-based technologies are transforming the way CPAs will work and interact with their clients for years to come. These new technologies are increasing the productivity and profitability for many firms. The AICPA Trusted Business AdvisorSM Solutions featured on this web site, including, Intacct, and Paychex, are designed to help the CPA community harness the power of these new technologies.

We are excited to announce the launch of CPA2Biz's all-new web site and blog dedicated to new advances in client accounting for the CPA community. Now, on a single web site, you will have access to the latest information on cloud-based technologies, tools, and business programs that will transform the way you do business with clients.

We'll be posting timely articles to this blog that you'll find useful in your day-to-day and long-range business operations. Of course, we want to hear what you think. Please don't hesitate to comment on our posts, ask questions, and share your thoughts and experiences using the new technologies featured on this site, including:

  • Intacct: On-demand financial management and accounting tools
  • Paperless bill management solutions
  • Paychex: Payroll processing, HR, and 401(k) retirement services
  • Trusted Business Advisor training and workshops
  • Marketing solutions for CPA firms to help you attract and win new business
  • And much more.

Over the last year, we have noticed a dramatic change in the rate that accounting firms are adopting these web- or cloud-based technologies. We believe it is extremely important for all firms to understand the positive impact of these changes. In particular, these new web-based tools will improve the standard and quality of services you can provide to your clients, while helping your firm increase productivity and profitability. One result of these new advances in client accounting is that firms, like yours, are in a better position to provide higher level (and more profitable) services to your clients, from budget planning and cash flow analysis to virtual CFO and business advisory services. We want to know what you think. So please share your thoughts here.

From time to time, we also hope to have thought leaders and other experts as guest bloggers. This will be your opportunity to read what these experts are thinking first-hand, as well as to comment on their posts and ask them questions.

Once again, welcome to our new web site and blog dedicated to your client accounting practice. We look forward to seeing you online.

Erik Asgeirsson
President and Chief Executive Officer, CPA2Biz, Inc.

Are you offering outsourced CFO services to your clients? Maybe you should…

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal entitled "For Rent: Chief Financial Officer. Firms Outsource a Top Job as Cheaper Than Hiring Their Own Executive" reports how more and more small businesses are leveraging outsourced CFO services – especially during this difficult economic period. One of the key benefits of a cloud-based solution like Intacct Accountant Edition is that it makes it possible for accounting firms and their staff to provide higher value services to clients, such as outsourced or virtual CFO services.

According to the article, "Some small-business owners in need of accounting help to balance their books and guide them out of a financial black hole are renting CFOs rather than hiring them. The strategy comes at a time when the deep recession has forced small companies to look for money-saving alternatives that can yield good returns yet avoid substantial overhead costs."

These CFOs often have a bigger role than simply keeping track of the company's books. The article goes on to state, "They work with business owners to manage their accounting and finance departments, connect them with business sources that can help them grow and provide financial data to help make strategic long-term or day-to-day decisions."

The WSJ article serves as a good introduction to the changing landscape of client accounting services and how you can shift your firm's focus to more profitable services, while increasing the overall efficiency and profitability of the services you already offer. Read the full article for some quick insights into the benefits and advantages of outsourced or virtual CFO services. You can find the SaaS solutions you need, such as and Intacct, right on this web site that can help you get started down this lucrative new path to increased revenue and profits.

Is your accounting firm currently offering outsourced CFO services to your clients? Have SaaS or cloud-based solutions played a part in your ability to offer these enhanced business and financial services to your clients? Please share your thoughts and experiences here.