4 firms, 4 different reasons to adopt the .CPA domain

Why have thousands of firms, including most in the Top 500, acquired the .CPA domain? What’s driving sole proprietors, mid-size firms and even the Big 4 to replace their .com, .net, and .biz domain names with a unique .CPA URL? And what recommendations can they offer for you and other firms who might be evaluating the benefits of the top-level domain?

WHAT IS .CPA? .cpa is a new, secure domain exclusively available to CPA firms.

We asked several early adopters to share their reasons and experiences. The videos below feature our one-on-one interviews with leaders at these firms. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of this opportunity, waiting to see how it’s working for others, now is your chance to hear directly from your profession peers. These firms have updated their websites and emails, notified clients, and are embracing a new, exclusive online identity.

Here’s some of the top reasons these firms have adopted the .CPA domain:

  1. To strengthen brand identity and security
    Widmer Roel PC is a mid-sized firm that moved to .CPA primarily for branding and communications purposes, but quickly realized the benefits of enhanced security. “When our third-party vendors or clients are receiving our emails, they know it’s a legit email with .CPA,” says firm partner Tracee Buethner, CPA. “While firm leaders were most excited about the brand development opportunities, the trust and security that come with the adoption of a .CPA domain has been equally important in practice.” Hear more from Tracee in this video.
  2. To elevate a firm’s digital presence
    Driven Business Solutions is a small, online-only firm that jumped at the opportunity to improve its digital presence. The firm doesn’t have a storefront or even a traditional office, instead relying heavily on digital and one-on-one interactions with clients. When firm owner Jonathan Satterfield, CPA, learned that the new .CPA domain was finally available, he saw a clear link between the market trends shaping the future of his firm and his decision to adopt the domain. “I’m a firm believer that in 5-10 years, a younger generation will search the internet for a CPA, and if your site isn’t verified like .gov or .mil, they’re going to wonder if you’re legitimate,” he says. Hear more from Jonathan in this video.
  3. To enhance credibility with clients
    Good Steward Accounting is a small firm whose leader was looking to clarify his market positioning and reinforce its professional credibility. “My previous url was really long,” says firm owner David Villiotti, CPA. “When I gave out my email it was always a long conversation that was unproductive, so I was excited about the opportunity not only to shorten my domain – but to show that I am a CPA, because that’s one of the questions I get most often.” Villiotti also says that the .CPA domain provides additional credibility for him and his firm. “We didn’t get the [CPA] license to hang on a wall, we got it to use it. This gives me the opportunity to use it without even saying a word, presenting us an authority in the accounting industry before somebody even talks to us.” Hear more from David in this video.
  4. To generate new leads
    Acosta Tax & Advisory was looking to capitalize on common keywords that prospective clients in the Miami area might search when seeking a CPA. The firm secured several location-driven names, including MiamiBeach.cpa. “Today, prospective clients are looking for firms online,” says firm founder Julio Acosta, CPA. “And when they search, many of them search by geography – they’ll add a city name to the search. So when we saw that .CPA domains were finally available, we moved quickly.” Hear more from Julio in this video.

Security. Branding. Trustworthiness. Credibility. These are familiar themes among those who have adopted the .CPA domain, but each firm puts these capabilities to work in different, innovative ways.

Want to learn more about the benefits of a .CPA domain? Visit domains.cpa where you’ll find a host of resources to guide you, including a whitepaper, on-demand webcasts, firm case studies, FAQs and more.

If you’ve already secured your preferred .CPA domain and are looking for recommendations or best practices on how to transition your website, consider joining our weekly onboarding webcast. Our customer excellence team will walk you through the process, including best practices and top tips to ensure a smooth transition to your new .CPA domain. If you’ve purchased a .CPA domain and are looking to activate it, you can do so on this link here.

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