5 Tips for expanding your client services and cloud technology

Now is the perfect time to explore ways to add new client services and generate additional revenue. Here are some tips for identifying areas of opportunity and adding new technologies.

  1. Listen to your clients: What services are they asking for that you don’t provide today? Adding services such as bill pay and client accounting can help round out your offerings and attract new clients.
  2. Structure for success: After deciding the additional services to offer, ensure your firm is set up to support these services. Do you have the proper strategy and staffing in place?
  3. Leverage the right technology: Evaluate and select the technology that best aligns with your firm's needs. Adopt cloud solutions that eliminate manual work, scale with businesses, and allow you to collaborate with clients.
  4. Become an expert: Take the time to increase your knowledge and proficiency of your new technology solutions before transitioning clients and marketing to prospects.
  5. Communicate your new offerings: Utilize various marketing and customer channels to inform clients and prospects about these new services.

A Closer Look at Our Startup Accelerator Companies

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