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About CPA2Biz

About CPA2Biz

CPA2Biz is the technology subsidiary of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the world's largest member organization representing the accounting profession. The company helps firms position for success within the digital transformation that is revolutionizing the competitive landscape.

CPA2Biz is Changing the Way CPAs do Business:

Journal of Accountancy Interview
New Technology Adoption – The Challenge of Change
Erik Asgeirsson, President and CEO, discusses the transformational capability of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing - CPA2Biz has emerged as a leading voice for firms on harnessing the power of the cloud. The company has assembled a unified lineup of web-based solutions that level the playing field for firms of all sizes. With the help of partners committed to your success, CPA2Biz can provide your firm with the resources necessary to strengthen your position as Most Trusted Business Advisor.

Mobile Capabilities - The ability to access key data and complete tasks on the go is critical for today's busy financial advisors. Tablets and smartphones have become mission-critical tools of the profession, and whether it's developing mobile applications, eBooks or on-demand libraries of key content, CPA2Biz is committed to fielding an expanding array of digital products that serve the needs of CPAs everywhere.

Digital Branding - Whether you're a sole practitioner, large firm or somewhere in between, building a strong online presence is an absolute necessity in today's Digital Age. From CPA-branded email to technologies that increase client collaboration and engagement, CPA2Biz is investing in tools that can help maximize your digital brand.

Information Security - The pace of technology change is faster today than perhaps at any time in recent history. This change brings enormous opportunity for the profession, yet also great responsibility to intelligently manage risk and institute a best practice approach to leveraging web-based technologies–both internally and with clients. CPA2Biz is investing in tools and resources that aid firms in their push for cyber-readiness.

Vision For the Digital CPA
Speaker: Erik Asgeirsson

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