What makes the Digital CPA Conference Different?

Short description: Kevin Stephens, partner Hinton Burdick, speaks on how the Digital CPA Conference differs from other conferences.

Do you have the same passion for your job as your sport team?

Short description: When you have integrity, quality and people what else do you need to run a successful practice? Neal Spencer, founder of Thrive or Just Survive, discusses 1 thing we all need to bring to the office every day.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Digital CPA

Short description: Samantha Mansfield and Kevin Stephens discuss 3 pillars for the digital CPA and ways to capitalize on the opportunities.

Is too much advice possible?

Short description: Neal Spencer, 2016 Digital CPA Conference keynote speaker, discusses with Samantha Mansfield ways to navigate making gut wrenching decisions.

Seeing Opportunities Through the Challenges

Short description: Kevin Stephens, partner of Hinton Burdick, discussing opportunity of meeting high client expectations.

Define or measure success?

Short description: Neal Spencer reminding us how to define success, not measuring it.

Being a Digital CPA is about the Client Relationship

Short description: Kevin Stephens shares with Samantha Mansfield what being a digital CPA means; technology was not the first response.

Defining Thrive or Just Survive Decision Making

Short description: Neal Spencer discussing the 3 parts of decision making.


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