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Digital CPA 2014
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Monday, December 8, 2014
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12:00pm-7:00pm Registration & Message Center Open
[3 hours]
Pre-Conference Session 1: Moving from Compliance to Reliance

CPAs perform numerous roles for businesses and have made their mark as experts in accounting, auditing and tax related services. While this technical role is foundational and necessary, there is also tremendous demand for the CPA to play the role of the Trusted Business Advisor for their clients. Seize the opportunity to use your knowledge and expertise and elevate the value of your firm by becoming a Trusted Business Advisor. Truly transform the way you help your clients!

This three hour session provides practical guidance, a defined process and supporting tools to help you evaluate your current client list and turn their business needs into revenue generating consulting opportunities. Specific learning objectives include:

  • Analyzing yourself, your firm and your clients
  • Understanding and articulating your value
  • Asking open-ended questions and prioritizing and isolating specific client concerns
  • Providing holistic, strategic advice and proactive ideas

Experience: Foundational
Instructor: Jason Deshayes, CPA, Butler and Company, CPAs and Melody Feniks, CPA, CGMA Feniks & Company, LLC

[3 hours]
Pre-Conference Workshop 2: Essentials is more than an accounts payable utility and is underused by most firms. There are ways to expedite setup of clients, synchronize with your general ledger software and cash flow reporting. In this session you will learn how to leverage both accounts payable and accounts receivable modules, utilizing the technology in the most efficient manner. Take this unique opportunity to delve into and learn how the system can improve your workflow with live instruction in an interactive classroom environment.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding best practices for new client setup
  • Leveraging the dashboard for cash flow management
  • Setting up electronic payments and vendor management for accounts payable
  • Using customer portals to manage your receivables
  • Implementing the sync capabilities to integrate with your accounting system
  • This session is designed for new users of

Experience: Foundational
Instructor: TBA

[3 hours]
Pre-Conference Session 3: Best Practices for Advanced CAS Workflow in XCM

The XCM workflow automation software is an essential, foundational element of the digital practice, helping practitioners standardize, automate and more effectively manage all types of work from anywhere at anytime. In this interactive session, participants will learn and share best practices for setup of a client accounting workflows. For those that have started the setup of workflows the instructor will discuss common adjustments after implementation and how to grow with XCM as your practice matures. The instructors are seasoned practitioners who can share real world experiences building successful automated workflow operations.

Course Objectives

  • Evolve your practice to deliver higher value to clients by embracing digital strategies
  • Build a better structure for your CAS workflow to free you to work on your business, not in it
  • Establish best practices for creating standardized processes for routine CAS projects

Experience: All
Instructor: Donna Bordeaux, CPA, Partner at Bordeaux & Bordeaux CPAs and Cathy Foley, CPA, MST, XCM Solutions

[3 hours]
Pre-Conference Workshop 4: Increasing your Proficiency with Intacct

Intacct is such a comprehensive and sophisticated program that you can’t learn it all at once. This session is designed for practitioners that have started using Intacct, but are still learning to be proficient in the system. It is taught by an experienced Intacct instructor that assists firms every day in implementing the system.

Course Objectives:

  • Best Practices for Client Setup
  • Moving Beyond AP & AR: Purchasing and Order Entry using Quickstart Workflows
  • Custom Reporting: adding reports from scratch using the report writer

Experience: Developing
Instructor: Kristin Foose, Project Manager, Intacct

2:00pm Main Conference Begins
[15 min]
Welcome & Introduction
2:15pm- 4:15pm
[95 min]
Keynote Presentation: Navigating the Increasing
Complexities of Business and the Profession

Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, President & CEO, AICPA

Complexity—perhaps no word better describes the opportunities and challenges facing todays accounting professionals and the clients they serve. It truly is a unique time. Globalization, Big Data, Digitization, Regulation... and the list goes on. Barry Melancon, President and CEO of AICPA, will share his perspective on the key environmental factors shaping the CPA-client relationship and how firms are positioning themselves for success today in order to be tomorrow’s Trusted Business Advisors.

Experience: All
Instructor: Barry Melancon

2:45pm- 4:20pm
[95 min]
Keynote Presentation: What the Current Political, Regulatory,
and Business Environment Means for the Accounting Profession

George Will, Award Winning Columnist & Author

With his unmatched political insight, George Will provides witty, trenchant, and always-informed commentary on politics, the economy, and American society. Mr. Will’s incisive and penetrating forecast and analysis of the ''recently-concluded' midterm elections and the ensuing impact on the U.S. business climate will provide context for your firm’s planning, as well as offering a glimpse into what the future holds for public affairs, public policy, regulation, and American society. As one of the most respected and sought after political commentators on the national scene, George Will delivers an informed and expert view on the issues impacting our profession.

Experience: All
Instructor: George Will

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO,
Panelists: George Will, Award Winning Columnist & Author, Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, President & CEO, AICPA

4:20pm- 4:45pm Refreshment Break
4:45pm- 5:45pm
[60 min]
Looking Ahead: What Technology Leaders See on the Horizon

Economics, regulatory standards and technology advancements all influence the direction of your firm and, more importantly, your clients. Come and hear from leaders of some of the top technology companies serving our profession. They'll discuss their vision for the evolution and impact of the technologies we'll be using over the next 5 to 10 years. You'll leave this session prepared to guide your career, your firm, and your clients into the future.

Experience: All
Moderator: Greg LaFollette, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Strategic Advisor,
Panelists: Rene Lacerte, Founder/CEO,, Aaron Harris, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Engineering, Intacct, , Jim McGinnis, Vice President, Intuit

6:00pm-9:00pm Networking Reception
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
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7:00am-6:00pm Registration & Message Center Open
7:00am- 8:00am Continental Breakfast
8:00am- 8:25am
[25 min]
Opening Keynote: Advancing the Journey of the Digital CPA
and the Role of the Trusted Business Advisor

Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO,

The characteristics of today’s digital CPA has evolved from just a few short years ago. Forward thinking firms are transforming processes, workflows, communication methods and business delivery models in an effort to provide higher value client services. Erik Asgeirsson, President and CEO of, will discuss the key technology trends impacting firm strategy, client expectations and practitioner mindset all of which best define today’s digital CPA.

Experience: All
Instructor: Erik Asgeirsson

[100 min]
Keynote Presentation: The Shift to the Cloud and its Impact on Business and Society
Nicholas G. Carr, Pulitzer Prize nominee and author of The Big Switch

Nicholas Carr, author of The Big Switch, writes about business, technology, innovation, and culture. Highly-regarded throughout Silicon Valley for his intellectual thinking on the impact of technology, Carr will examine how a revolution in computing is reshaping business and society. He’ll also discuss concepts from his newest book, The Glass Cage, (scheduled for release in September 2014), in which he explores the impact of automation from a deeply human perspective, examining the personal as well as the economic consequences of our growing dependence on computers.

Experience: All
Instructor: Nicolas Carr

Photo Credit: Merrick Chase

10:05am-10:25am Refreshment Break
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
10:25am- 11:15am
[75 min]

It's a Mobile World - Are You Part of It?
Jim Boomer, CPA, CITP, MBA Chief Information Officer, Boomer Consulting
The world is no longer becoming mobile; it already is mobile. The expectations of clients and employees alike have changed in this digital world and mobile capabilities are a necessity rather than a differentiator. In this session, we'll discuss how to sort through the myriad of mobile devices, manage them and start to build a mobile application strategy that will improve your workflow, enhance your services and meet the digital expectations of your clients and team.

Experience: Developing
What Comes First – the Process or the Solution?
Samantha Mansfield, Senior Manager, Program Development,
When looking to improve your processes, do you first design the process and then find the solutions that fit that process? Or, do you look at the technology options and then design your process? Hear from a consultant, with over 10 years experience, on the best way to approach this chicken-and-the-egg question to get the right solution and process for your practice. Hint: trying to fit a new tool in an old process doesn’t always achieve the gains you expect and adding new processes on top of old technology doesn’t necessarily allow you to break away from obsolete methods.

Experience: Foundational
Hear the Vision Directly from Intacct,, and XCM
Moderator: Michael Cerami, Vice President, Corporate Alliances,
Panelists: Aaron Harris, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Engineering, Intacct, Rene Lacerte, Founder/CEO,, and Mark Albrecht, CPA, MST, Founder & CEO of XCM Solutions
Get the inside track on enhancements coming soon for the key programs you use in your client accounting services and the vision they have for their programs. Knowing that it takes a combination of programs to completely build your workflow this session will also focus on how’s firm solution partners,, Intacct and XCM, complement each other in building a client accounting services workflow to aid you in increasing your overall functionality, enabling you to make your processing faster and provide higher levels of service to your clients.

Experience: All
Why Do I Keep Hearing About Finding a Niche and Being Digital?
Moderator: Thomas Gawne, CPA, Director of Professional Services,
Panelists: Gale Crosley, CPA, Crosley Company
Research reveals that when a person is shopping for professional services, they look for an expert and not just an expert in the field, but with a specialty in their industry. The digital age allows businesses to easily find those experts. How can you make your practice stand out and how do you select the appropriate niche for you? Hear from a panel of successful practitioners about conveying yourself as a thought leader in a specific area, monitoring the opportunity in identified niches, and knowing when to add vertical market offerings, and when to keep a more narrow focus.

Experience: Developing
11:15am-11:25pm Change Sessions
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
[50 min]
Hitting the Bull’s Eye: Identifying Your Ideal Target Client
Dixie McCurley, CPA, Partner, Trusted CFO Solutions
Can you and your staff identify your target client when you see one? Have you clearly defined what you are looking for in clients, beyond whether they pay on time? In this class, you will receive key guidance, strategy and decision-making tips on identifying the ideal client and communicating that to your sales/marketing people and other staff.

Experience: Foundational
Outsourcing: Within or Outside Your Firm
Cathy Foley, CPA, MST, Director of Client Development, XCM Solutions, Victor Puchi, Partner, Director of Accounting Services, Eide Bailly LLP and Donna Bordeaux, CPA, Partner at Bordeaux & Bordeaux
What does outsourcing really mean today? The perception and reception to outsourcing has evolved over the last 5 years. There are still questions about 7216 and how to communicate the processes with clients, but it is no longer just about outsourcing overseas. Outsourcing, whether inside or outside your firm, is being embraced as a way to use the best, most cost-efficient resources to focus on areas of specialties within your firm. In this session, common questions on outsourcing will be addressed, and you will hear from practitioners on how they have they leveraged outside resources or centralized within their own firm. You will get tools and strategies for how to leverage the outsourcing concept to grow your business.

Experience: Foundational
Digital Signatures can Change Your Workflow
Steve Dusablon, Co-Founder and CEO of cPaperless, LLC, Jim C. Bourke, CPA, CITP, CFF, CGMA, Partner, WithumSmith+Brown, and Jina Etienne, CPA, CGMA, Director, Taxation, Tax Ethics & Standard, AICPA Tax Section
The IRS is now accepting digital signatures on 8879’s, so how is this change going to impact your workflow? The requirement for a physical signature put a “speed bump” in the process for many that had digitized their practice. With electronic signatures so widely accepted now, this session will explore the tools and best options to use in collaboration with clients, and how to adjust your workflow processes.

Experience: Developing
When to Grow Your Firm Organically and When to Make an Acquisition
Panelists: Gale Crosley, CPA, Crosley Company, Dave Scudder, National Leader, Emerging Business Strategies, McGladrey LLP
Moderator: Samantha Mansfield, Senior Manager, Program Development,
As of spring 2014, 44% of firms report they have discussed or are discussing mergers and acquisitions. How are you designing your firm’s growth plan? Acquiring a firm that offers a service you want to branch into is a quick way to add to your service model, but does it match your digital delivery model? Will there be attrition when transitioning acquired staff into your firm culture? This session will explore these questions in relation to organic growth achieved through entrepreneurial efforts, in addition to analyzing what qualities of an existing firm will transition successfully to your firm in the event of a merger.

Experience: Developing
12:15pm-1:30pm Lunch
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
[75 min]
Defining the Virtual CFO and Controller Service Model
Tom Kelly, Managing Director, T > Edward, Inc.
Virtual CFO or Controller services seem to offer a lot of revenue potential and a good use of my firm’s knowledge, but what do these services look like to a client? What are the deliverables? What is included in these services? What skill sets do I need among my staff to effectively offer Virtual CFO services? This session will discuss these questions to give you the ability to articulate the engagement and staff it appropriately for success.

Experience: Developing
When my data is in the cloud, what do I need to do to keep it safe?
John Rodenbiker, Information Security Manager, Eide Bailly, Jeff Zalusky, CliftonLarsonAllen
When your data is in the Cloud, you have the resources of specialized companies building systems to protect your data. So what is your responsibility? This session will provide understanding on what the SOC certification logo says about the company, what you need to do to secure data when transmitting to the cloud, how to protect your communications with clients, tips to share with clients and risk management techniques you should employ.

Experience: All
Driving Change Through Strategic Firm-Wide Communications
Jen Wilson, Co-Founder & Partner, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC
Today’s organizations must navigate ever-accelerating change in standards, technology, mobility, succession, consolidation, globalization, values and norms, and more. To successfully manage dramatic change, leaders must strategically design, execute, and communicate their strategies with the same focus and intention that they spend conceiving of the planned change. In this session, prepare to drive your firm’s change initiatives by learning the elements of a strategic communications plan and gaining a template you can use with your leadership team to more effectively drive organizational change through better firm-wide communication.

Experience: Developing
Benchmarking the Firm
Moderator: Samantha Mansfield, Senior Manager, Program Development,, Mark Koziel, CPA, CGMA, Vice President – Firm Services & Global Alliances at AICPA and Mark McAndrew, Director of Consulting Services, XCM Solutions
The value of sharing key performance indicators and benchmarks with clients is clear, but when it comes to their own firms, accounting professionals often don’t have enough data to perform a similar analysis.. As a digital CPA, what you measure and what benchmarks you use will evolve over time. In this session, you will see data from the 2014 PCPS MAP survey, as well as XCM Solutions client usage analytics. See how these changing metrics and trends could help you develop your practice.

Experience: Foundational
2:45pm-2:55pm Change Sessions
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
[75 min]
Wow a Client at the First Chance: How to Demo Service, Not Software
David Sullivan, Shareholder, Perkins & Co
Communicating your value to a client is key, but there is often a disconnect on what you see as valuable versus what the client or prospect considers important. From the initial communication, you want to wow them with your service, not your software. So, how do you differentiate your firm and your services in the minds of clients and prospects? Where does a demonstration of software fit in? Attend this session to explore ideas for making a lasting impression in your marketing and sales efforts, whether through your website, social media activities or the manner in which you approach your one-on-one meetings. We’ll also discuss strategies for explaining your service and approach to excite and motivate clients and prospects without going too far off into the nuts and bolts.

Experience: All
Not All Clients are Equal: Tools for Performing a Client Needs Assessment
Gordon Opland, Principal, Technology Consulting, McGladrey LLP and Mike Nafziger, Consulting Partners at McGladrey
Before drafting the engagement letter, make sure you perform a client needs assessment to understand the strengths and weaknesses of clients. Performing a needs assessment will give you a look into the value you can provide to your client. Your client can then see the impact your services will have. So how do you do this efficiently? In this session, you will receive tips, processes and tools to use in performing an effective client needs assessment. Why recreate the wheel when others have established a structure for you? Reap the knowledge and experience of those who have already “been there and done that.”

Experience: Developing
Effective and Secure Collaboration with Third Parties
Samantha Mansfield, Senior Manager, Program Development, and Brian Fox, President
If you are a digital firm, having a secure electronic means to collect and deliver information to clients is key. However, the same means are not always available, or applicable, when getting information to third parties. This session looks at tools to transfer digital data to banks, attorneys, investment committees in a secure way that keeps you and the recipient working efficiently.

Experience: All
Leading a Virtual Work Team
Tom Bachmann, Master Leadership Trainer, Paychex
Being a digital firm lends itself to working remotely and possibly no longer having brick-and-mortar office space. But when is that appropriate for your firm? Does going digital align with your personal and corporate vision? Will going digital help you gain the ideal staff? In this session, you will discuss the virtues and cautions of having a virtual workforce. You will get tips for policies to set, tools to use to maintain relationships, and how to stay connected when you don’t speak face-to-face on a daily basis and rules for establishing staff eligibility to work remotely.

Experience: Developing
4:10pm- 4:40pm Refreshment Break
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
[50 min]

Advanced Pricing: Tools for Increasing Revenue and Pricing Competencies
Michelle Golden, CPF President
How should you package and sell knowledge? Are you getting paid what you’re worth? Would you like to develop a core competency in "pricing"? Commanding better prices and greater profits requires a new set of skills and Michelle Golden shows you how to build them. To get you well on your way to honing pricing skills, this session covers three big concepts: 1) Winning Work in an Extremely Price-Competitive Marketplace 2) Critical Differences Between Fixed Prices and Value-Based Prices 3) Dealing with Risk Once you Start Prepricing Work. With these approaches, you'll view your "worth" differently, and get better at discussing it, but always in the context of the client.

Experience: Foundational

Staying Connected with Clients in a Digital Age
Steve Chaney, CPA, Founder and CEO, Chaney and Associates
As a digital practitioner, you can attract and serve clients from around the world. However, the basics of client management still apply: you need to establish trust and build relationships. This session will address how to establish and maintain client relationships through digital means.

Experience: Developing

Building your Optimal Client Accounting Workflow System
Kalil Merhib, Strategic Account Manager,, Diane Salvatore, IAP Practice Development Manager, Intacct, and Victor Puchi, Partner, Director of Accounting Services
No software program can do everything. This is part of the reason why the advent of cloud solutions and the growing trend of integration between applications and open source software development is so revolutionary. This session will provide tips on how to look for the appropriate add on solutions to augment your core solutions, suggestions to support successful implementation, and live examples using leading programs like Intacct and

Experience: All

Leadership from the Bottom: Harnessing the Digital Savvy of Your Staff
Andrea Cope, CPA, Partner at Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc.
In many firms, some of the most tech-savvy and knowledgeable team members are the junior staffers. They understand the technology, hunger for the implementation of it, and quickly adopt it; however, these staff members are often not in planning and strategy meetings. This class will share strategies to leverage the knowledge and enthusiasm of these staff members in conjunction with the trajectory and long term goals of the firm.

Experience: Developing
5:30pm-6:30pm Networking Reception
Wednesday, December 10, 2014
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7:00am-12:00pm Registration & Message Center Open
7:00am- 8:00am Continental Breakfast
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
8:00am- 8:50am
[50 min]

SSARSs Update - Significant Changes in Standards for Financial Statement Preparers!
Mike Glynn, CPA, CGMAm Senior Technical Manager in the AICPA Audit and Attest Standards Team
The AICPA's Accounting and Review Services Committee has revised Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services applicable to financial statement preparation. The AICPA staff liaison to the ARSC will lead a discussion of the changes and what financial statement preparers need to be aware of as they perform their engagements and provide you with action items to perform.

Experience: All

Disruptive Technologies: Catch the Wave
Greg LaFollette, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Strategic Advisor,
This session will examine the rising wave of “disruptive technologies” that are destroying some of our clients’ traditional business models, while simultaneously creating amazing new opportunities for others. As a “trusted business advisor” you need to understand these threats and be ready to help your clients not only survive, but also thrive in the face of this upheaval. You’ll be amazed (and probably troubled) as we discuss today’s “buggy-whip” businesses and how you can help them ride the wave to the future.

Experience: All levels

Killer KPI’s
Dixie McCurley, Partner, Trusted CFO Solutions
KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are excellent tools to help a business owner understand their financial situation and how to respond. With today’s advances in technology, you can easily retrieve pertinent data to share unique metrics with your clients -- along with their financial statement reporting. In this session, you will get suggestions on how to think “outside the box” in designing KPI’s for your clients that will convey your expertise and help them grow their business. The instructors will also use illustrative examples in accounting software showing how this can be done and presented to clients.

Experience: Developing

Dissecting the Non-Profit Vertical for Client Accounting Services
Thomas Gawne, CPA, Director of Professional Services, and Maribel Torres-Pinero, CPA, CEO and Director of Client Accounting Services, Lumix CPAS and Advisors
Can a sustainable profit margin be achieved within the non-profit vertical market in client accounting services? And which non-profit niche offers the most opportunity? From 2001-2011 the number of non-profits grew 25% vs. for profit businesses grew half of 1%, but not all non-profits are created equal! This session will discuss key segments of the non-profit vertical, what their needs are, and the growth opportunities they can create for your firm. This session will also cover reporting changes for charitable organizations and relevant tools for dealing with the accounting requirements of non-profit organizations.

Experience: All
8:50am- 9:00am Change Sessions
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
[50 min]

Onboarding Steps: Moving from Prospect to Satisfied Client
Thomas Gawne, CPA, Director of Professional Services, and Nicole Ksiazek, Senior Manager, Fesnak & Associates, LLP
Once the prospect has agreed to become a client the pressure begins to make sure expectations are not only met, but exceeded from the first day forward. If the onboarding process is difficult for a new client, they quickly experience FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) about the promises of your service. This session will cover key steps and procedures to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your firm’s new clients.

Experience: Foundational
Successful Strategies for Selling Virtual CFO Services
Tom Kelly, Managing Director, T>Edward
You know that your client needs more than just compliance services to grow their business. And you know they don’t have the insight to leverage the financials to grow their business, but how do you educate and share your knowledge with them? In this session, you will hear how to successfully communicate your value above-and-beyond being your clients penalty avoider and get out of out of jail free card. You will develop value points to discuss with your clients, ways to approach the subject, how to analyze existing clients for opportunities, and how to increase your clients’ knowledge of your expertise.

Experience: All

CIO's View on the Role of IT in a Digital Firm
Panel: Eide Bailly, Marc Staut, Cohn Reznick, Mark Baker from Wipfli
Moderator: Greg LaFollette, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Strategic Advisor,
When cloud solutions came about, there was discussion on the minimal need for IT presence in firms. Today, we have seen the value and role of IT has grown -- with their knowledge being leveraged more for strategizing and planning as opposed to reactionary support. In this session, hear from CIO’s within firms on ways to leverage the knowledge and expertise of your IT staff in moving your firm forward.

Experience: Foundational

Getting Stakeholder Buy-in
Tim Shortsleeves, CPA.CITP, Partner, TYS, LLP
Coming up with that “new idea” can be truly transformational for your business. But how do you get others to understand and get enthusiastic about your idea? Without partner agreement, employee support, and client acceptance, the initiative will never take off. This session will examine strategies for communicating ideas with key audiences and stakeholders in order to gain buy-in for your new plan or idea.

Experience: All
9:50am-10:20am Refreshment Break
[50 min]
General Session: Bringing it All Together

Attendance at the Digital CPA conference represents one critical step in a firm’s digital transformation. But as the saying goes, “it takes a village.” When you return to your firm you need to keep the momentum of growth and development going—that’s why we want to build a Digital CPA community! In this general session, a panel of attendees will share their strategies and ideas for continuing the evolution of their career and their organization that they have begun at the conference. You are invited to join in the discussion about the take-aways from the conference, the list of action items to work on upon returning to your firm, and—most importantly—strategies for not falling back into the familiar. Bring your comments, questions and planning ideas for what promises to be a valuable interactive session.

Experience: All
Panelists: Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA, CEO of Maryland Association of CPAs
Moderator: Michael Cerami, Vice President, Corporate Alliances,

Keynote Presentation: Future-Readiness: Assessing Your (and Your Clients’) Strategy
James Canton, Ph.D., Futurist, Author and Visionary Business Advisor

Dr. Canton, in concert with, recently completed a significant research project measuring the profession’s “Future-Readiness;” in this session he will discuss his findings. As a Trusted Business Advisor you are tasked to help your clients develop appropriate business strategies. Those strategies are a framework to see the convergence of trends that create opportunity. Strategy must take into consideration the holistic forces of change, competition, resources, time and assets. Discover how to think and plan more strategically about your firm and your clients’ future. Learn how to develop scenarios and frameworks to do productive and effective strategic thinking. Find out how to become future-ready by thinking more effectively about strategy.

Experience: All
Instructor: Dr. James Canton

12:00pm Conference Adjourns