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How Trusted Advisors Get the Most out of Tax Season and New SSARS Exposure Draft Implications

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Digital CPA 2013
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
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12:00pm-6:00pm Registration Open
[15 min]
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, President & CEO, AICPA
Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO, CPA2Biz
2:15pm- 3:15pm
[60 min]
Opening Keynote: Impact of the Current Political Climate on Firms and Small Business
Ronald Brownstein, Political Director, Atlantic Media Company; Editorial Director and Columnist, National Journal; and Senior Political and Election Analyst for CNN
3:15pm- 3:45pm Refreshment Break & Partner Product Spotlight
3:45pm- 4:45pm
[60 min]
Keynote Presentation: Impact of the Current Economic Climate on Firms and Small Business
Anirban Basu, Economist, Sage Policy Group, Inc.
4:45pm- 5:45pm
[50 min]
Firm Panel Discussion,
Creating Differentiation as a Trusted Business Advisor
Moderator: William (Bill) Reeb, CPA, CITP, CGMA
Victor Puchi, CPA, Director of Accounting Services, Eide Bailly, LLP
Elizabeth Eun, CPA, Practice Leader, Managed Accounting Services, Raffa
Dave Scudder, CPA, National Leader, Emerging Business Strategy, McGladrey
6:00pm - 6:30pm
Digital CPA Tweetup
5:45pm-7:00pm Welcome Reception
Thursday, November 21, 2013
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
7:00am- 8:00am Registration Open, Continental Breakfast
7:30am- 7:50am
[20 min]
Partner Product Spotlight
8:00am- 8:30am
[30 min]
Opening Keynote
Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO, CPA2Biz
[90 min]
Keynote Presentation: Start With Why
Simon Sinek, Author, Leadership Expert
Tom Hood, CPA, CGMA, CEO Maryland Association of CPAs
Rick Solomon, CPA, CGMA, Chief Executive Officer, RAN ONE Americas
Rene Lacerte, CEO,
Chris Ekimoff, CPA, Manager, Investigative Accounting and Financial Litigation, Hilton Worldwide

Leaders Eat Last: Why some teams come together and others don't

The world is filled with danger. All sorts of things that work, without conscience, to frustrate us. A new technology that renders a business model obsolete, our competitors trying to steal our business or deny us theirs, the ups and downs of the economy. The best way for us to confront all these dangers to not only survive but to thrive is...together.

When the conditions in our organizations are right, we naturally trust each other and cooperate. But when leaders neglect the environment in which their people must work, politics, silos, cynicism and self-intrest prevail; all things that make it even more difficult for us to work together. The best leaders know how to build those conditions and the best organizations are the ones in which the people work together to confront danger and seize opportunities. And the best part is that these "best conditions," seem to mimic the conditions in which we lived 50,000 years ago. Simon will explain what it takes to create a culture in which people work as they were designed - together. It is under these conditions we are at our natural best.
10:00am-10:20am Refreshment Break
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10:20am- 11:10am
[50 min]
Technology Awareness Session: ShareFile
How to Become a Trusted Business Advisor - 101
Chris Farmand, CPA, CITP, Principle with Chris Farmand + Company, Certified Public Accountants
CPAs perform numerous roles when servicing the varied needs of small businesses. Serving in the expert capacity for accounting, audit, and tax related services is where CPAs have made their mark. While this technical expert role is foundational and necessary, there is also tremendous demand for the CPA to play the role of the Trusted Business Advisor to the small business.

This session provides practical tools and guidance to help you better explore your client's needs and provide the most optimal solutions. You'll learn how to translate the day-to-day issues clients face into consulting opportunities.
Staffing Strategies for Today’s Digital CPA Firm
Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, Executive Director & CEO, MACPA
Today’s Digital Firm is staffed much differently than the old “brick and mortar” accounting practices of the past in many ways. This session will focus on how to staff up the digital firm of today and how to properly motivate them to be highly successful in this new environment.

XCM Fundamentals: Reaching Your Full Potential

Jamie Belanger, XCM Solutions

What’s New in Intacct in the last 12 months for Accountants and their Clients?
Kristin Foose, Intacct
11:20am- 12:10pm
[50 min]
When the World Fits in a Client’s Pocket, It’s Easy for Them to Walk Away
Darren Root, CPA, CITP, CEO, Rootworks
Business Planning Strategies for your Client Accounting Services Practice
Samantha Mansfield, Product Marketing Manager, CPA2Biz
Now that you’ve made fully embraced the opportunity of the Digital Client Accounting Service Practice proper planning is essential to not only secure top level buy-in but can serve as a roadmap guide for the journey. This session will provide concrete steps to adequately construct a business plan the can truly mesh with your existing overall firm business plan with template you can use to embark on your journey.
Emerging Area:
Expanding Your Digital Value via Affordable Care Impact Advisory Services
Jennifer Ozminkowski, Compliance Analysts, Paychex
As a public we are surrounded by information and a constant stream of it, but the real questions comes down to what can you believe and trust. You are one of those trusted sources for your clients, so in this class Paychex experts will share with you key changes in the Affordable Care Act and how to use that to consult with your clients. They will give you key talking point and areas of impact you can assist clients with, and how to leverage your cloud presence to aid your clients in the management of these regulations.

Achieving Better Balance with XCMscheduling

Cathy Foley, Director of Client Development, XCM Solutions
Show Me the Money: How to Sell Bill Payment Services
Julie Lubetkin, VP of Accountant Channel,
12:10pm-1:25pm LUNCHEON
[50 min]
SaaS is Only PART of Your Disaster Recovery Plan
Les Nettleton, Director of Information Technology, Bourgeois Bennett, LLC
Next Steps to Moving Your Digital Practice in the Cloud
John Higgins, CPA, CITP, Author, CPA Crossings, LLC
Best Practices for Users
Clark Hudgins, Vice President,
Streamlining Operational Tasks with XCM
Jamie Belanger, XCM Solutions
Automating Your Client Collaboration Workflow Process with Intacct
Kristin Foose, Intacct
2:25pm- 3:15pm
[50 min]
Technology Awareness Session: Avalara
Change Management Strategies for the Firm, Staff and Clients
Jennifer Wilson , Co-Founder & Partner, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC
How are Payroll Processing Needs Evolving for Businesses?
Chris Muller, Payroll Product Manager, Paychex
Security: The Right Cloud Solution Can Increase the Security of Your Client Accounting Practice and Your Clients’ Data with
Jami Blackburn,
What Makes a Successful Intacct Client Accounting Services Practice?
Amy Vetter, CPA, CITP, CGMA, CPA Programs Leader, Intacct; Taylor MacDonald
3:15pm- 3:45pm Refreshment Break & Partner Product Spotlight
[50 min]
The Latest and Greatest Cloud Tools for Digital CPAs
Greg LaFollette, Vice President, Product Strategy, CPA2Biz
Succession Planning Strategies for the Digital Firm
Jim Boomer, CIO, Boomer Consulting
Managing Client Accounting Services Workflow with XCM
Joe Manzelli, CPA.CITP, XCM Solutions
The Future of the Accountant Role: How to Make Yourself Indispensable Through Bill Management Services
Julie Carman, Product Roadmap
Shepley Smith, Director of Product Development,
[50 min]
Technology Awareness Session: Profit Experts
Using Technology to Unravel Financial Statement Fraud
Brian Fox, Founder & CMO,
Using Generational Intelligence to Enhance your Digital Engagements
Jennifer Wilson , Partner & Co-Founder, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC
Emerging Area:
Expanding your Digital Value via State and Local Taxation Advisory Services
Ray Bigley, Vice President of Business Development, Avalara; Andrew Johnson, CPA,Peisner Johnson & Company, LLP

Integrating and Intacct for Complete Automation
Diane Salvatore, Intacct and Jami Blackburn,
6:00pm-9:00pm Special Reception
Friday, November 22, 2013
(Click on + to expand and see session descriptions)
7:00am-8:00am Continental Breakfast, Registration Open
[20 min]
Partner Product Spotlight
[50 min]
How the Digital CPA Leverages Social Media
Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, Executive Director & CEO, MACPA
Emerging Area:
Expanding your Digital Value via Eldercare and Social Security Advisory Services
Jeff Miller, PhD, Co-Founder, Social Security Choices
Cyber Security and Mobile Computing
Steven J. Ursillo, Jr., CPA, CIA, CGMA, CFE, CISA, CISM, CITP, CISSP, CGEIT, CRISC Principal, Director of Technology & Assurance Services
Enhancing The Review Cycle Through XCM
Mark McAndrew, XCM Solutions
Financial Reporting With Intacct                  
Kristin Foose, Intacct
[50 min]
Technology Awareness Session: Xero
Selecting Vertical Markets in a Digital World
Thomas R. Gawne, CPA, Director of Professional Services, CPA2Biz
“OK, I’m in the Cloud - Now How Do I Collaborate?”
Dixie McCurley, CPA, Partner, Trusted CFO Solution
Monitoring Your Business with XCM Search, Reports, and Mobile Technology
Annie Kendrick, XCM Solutions

Client Onboarding and Implementation Best Practices – Tips & Tricks with Intacct
Diane Salvatore, Intacct & Kristin Foose, Intacct
9:50am-10:10am Refreshment Break
[50 min]
Bringing It All Together—Leaving with an Actionable Plan
Jennifer Wilson, Co-founder & Partner, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC
Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO, CPA2Biz
[60 min]
Keynote Presentation: The Changing Tide—
Future of IT in the Accounting Profession
Dr. Geoffrey Moore, Strategist, Author