“Just in time” auditing: How to apply it for smoother, more efficient audits

For manufacturers, “just in time” (JIT) manufacturing processes increase productivity by lowering costs through nimble, responsive efficiency, providing only what is required at each step of the manufacturing process, at the precise moment it’s needed.

While this is old news for manufacturers, for auditors this approach holds surprising relevance today as they grapple with growing complexity in the audit process. But new technology advances have activated potential to incorporate these types of process efficiencies, with smoother handoffs throughout the audit.

In this paper we’ll show you how it can work, addressing issues such as:

  • Common audit bottlenecks and how to avoid them
  • Audit planning steps to set the stage for just in time auditing
  • How technology improves the post-fieldwork phase of the audit
  • Best practices in workflow that serve as a foundation for technology investment

Download this whitepaper now and take the first step toward improving your audit process this year.