Standardization & Business Process Improvement: Audit, CAS, Tax & Operations

Public Accounting Firms are managing the most historic changes in decades, all while minimizing business risk, empowering professionals, and delivering better client results.

Future-ready organizations embrace business process excellence and technologies that enable teams to increase capacity without increasing cost. Many capacity challenges are a result of bottlenecks, ineffective processes, outdated tools, and changing priorities—yet professionals feel too busy to address these real issues.

How can you find more time and still meet the demands of the industry?

Attend this session and learn how technology can empower your firm to:

  • Increase capacity through better business process and supporting technology platforms
  • Minimize risks by creating custom business processes, managing compliance requirements, and guiding decisions and priorities
  • Ensure your Audit, CAS, Tax & Operations staff collaborate effectively
  • Eliminate waste in your work processes to increase your effectiveness

Note: This on-demand webinar does not offer CPE credit.