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Sales and Use Tax: What Your Firm Needs to Know

One of the fastest growing niche areas for firms is Sales and Use Tax client advisory services. It’s an area that is increasingly complex for businesses to understand and comply with. It impacts businesses large and small. Audits can be time consuming and costly. The rules are fluid and the target keeps moving. It’s not a question of if there will be additional change but rather how. Will it come through legislation? Will it come through the courts? Clients turn to their trusted professionals when it comes to navigating complexity. Are you current on what you need to know?

Please join Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of CPA.com, and his panel of subject matter experts as they discuss:

  • What you need to know in regards to recent sales and use tax updates
  • The basic principles of nexus, and the implications surrounding it
  • The sales tax ramifications of selling online, and how to get a sense of your clients’ activity
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