Re-Valuing the Monthly Close

In this third webinar of the quarterly On-Demand Accounting series, join Mike Sabbatis, COO at XCM Solutions, and Vijay Ramakrishnan, Sr. Product Manager at Intacct, as they offer a pragmatic approach to streamlining the monthly close process.

Increased demand not only for information, but also for analysis and greater business insight is driving change across the accounting profession and turning routine functions - like the monthly close - into opportunities to drive value.

This webinar presents you with an approach on how to re-evaluate the monthly close process and take a closer look at its strategic role in the larger scope of corporate operations. The end goal is a streamlined, standardized and automated set of interconnected processes that provide better, real-time visibility into the financial health of your business.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Automating and Streamlining Monthly Close Processes
  • Developing KPIs for Tracking the Monthly Close
  • Interdependencies of People, Processes, Technologies & Data
  • Empowering On Demand Accounting Processes