Productivity, Simply Enabled™: A Roadmap for Tax, Finance & Accounting Professionals

Tax, Finance and Accounting professionals are carrying a heavier burden every day as the pace of business continues to accelerate. Demographics, regulations, and technology are sure to change making your job tougher and creating a business environment that can be both exciting and overwhelming. So much time is spent dealing with legacy technologies, outdated business processes, and a workforce that is disengaged. How are today’s best performers deploying strategies to drive productivity in the wake of these challenges?

Hear Mike Sabbatis, COO of XCM™ and Sherman Wilson, Senior Manager at KPMG walk through a tax, finance and accounting professional’s roadmap and learn how to:

  • Map out critical process strategies that energize the workforce
  • Enable technology that focuses on the people while still leveraging legacy technology investments
  • Get the most out of your resources through productivity enablers versus just working harder or longer hours
  • Add workforce capacity without adding costs