How the Finance Leaders of Tomorrow are Using Data Today

Effective leadership is about taking in all of the information, synthesizing it and then making a decision and standing behind that decision,” said Pete Shier, CFO of Deloitte.

As digitalization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning continue to automate work, forward-looking businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to leverage technology to help differentiate and scale up their businesses. The finance leaders of tomorrow are no longer focused on harvesting data—they have algorithms for that—instead they are exploring new ways to analyze and interpret this data to drive the business forward.

Hear from Mike Sabbatis, CEO of XCM to:

  • Learn how to use dashboards to deliver KPI’s and insights to the business
  • Identify trends and opportunities to increase productivity and performance in your business
  • Learn how to monitor and continuously improve operations and business processes to accelerate your decision-making

Note: This on-demand webinar does not offer CPE credit.