How Employee Disengagement is Killing Firms Today

According to Gallup Research, 70% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged. More employees are feeling overwhelmed as they are asked to deliver more work, under tighter deadlines, and under increased scrutiny. Among today’s fastest growing accounting firms, we are seeing the pressure increase as the pace accelerates. Cultures are changing either due to new initiatives or bringing on new professionals through merger or acquisition. It’s no surprise that disengaged and overwhelmed employees are on the rise. The trend is not going away, so how can you deal with the balance of higher productivity expectations and the factors that increase employee engagement in your firm?

Hear from Mike Sabbatis, COO of XCM™ and Jim Bourke, Partner, CPA.CITP of Withum to learn how to increase workforce capacity and productivity while creating a more energized and engaged workforce leveraging workflow automation technology.