Evolving Your Preparation, Compilation and Review Services

The landscape of the profession around preparation, compilation and review offers a significant opportunity for firms to improve the efficiency, quality and value of these services. Join us as we examine why firms are in a prime spot to evolve these services, the risks of not evolving, and how OnPoint PCR offers the technology to support this evolution.

During the webinar, we’ll provide a brief overview of key funcitonality that can help simplify your workflow, including:

  • Guided Engagements: The smart, interactive process eliminates unnecessary steps and facilitates compliance with professional standards
  • Integrated Data: Simplifies data management, makes client data import easy and reduces redundant data entry
  • Innovative Cloud Platform: Real-time updates to data and built-in collaboration tools that eliminate the need for external programs like less-secure email

Upcoming webinars:

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