Dynamic Resource Allocation: Get Your Dollars, Staff and Time Investments to Deliver High Value

According to McKinsey research, 83% of senior executives have identified resource allocation as the top management lever for spurring growth. Companies that actively reallocate resources have delivered a 10% return to shareholders on average, as compared to the 6% delivered by peers. Within 20 years, research shows these companies will be worth twice as much as their less agile counterparts. (Source)

In a fast-paced business landscape with constantly shifting priorities, the missed opportunity is for companies that struggle with identifying how much to reallocate, where to reallocate it, and how to shift dollars, staff, or time to high-value investments.

Ray Barlow, SVP of XCM™, discusses how technology can simplify resource allocation to enhance your business performance.

During this webinar you will learn how technology can help identify:

  • Your top-performing staff, your bottlenecks, and which types of work offer the greatest ROI to your company
  • Who has the appropriate skill-set and availability to take on new projects
  • Ways to be more agile and use effective business process to shift key resources from one priority to another

NOTE: This on-demand webinar does not offer CPE credit.