The Forum

A Gathering of Eagles

The leaders invited to the Executive Roundtable share much in common with the majestic eagle… like eagles, true leaders never flock although they often gather when they share a common goal. The common goal of Executive Roundtable attendees is creating and delivering technology products and services to CPAs and their small business clients.

Eagles have exceptional vision, especially designed for long distance focus and clarity… they can spot another eagle from as much as 50 miles away. The specially selected leaders that gather in New York also have “exceptional vision” and gather to explore how big focused visions produce big results.

Roundtable participants are also tenacious, high flying problem solvers. When it storms, eagles do not seek safety and shelter, but rather use the storm’s wind current to soar to even greater heights as do the industry leaders that take up the business challenges of their customers head on with tenacity. Eagles can soar as high at 10,000 feet and if you find another bird at that level…it will likely be another eagle.

You will find only other C-level people at the Roundtable and a very unique and qualified gathering at that. Leaders prefer to be with people who can think, make informed decisions and take positive action. They bring change to not only to their customers, but the CPA profession as a whole.

The Round Table’s eagles gather to learn and share so that those that follow can also empower others to soar. If you receive an invitation, you are truly in a select group of leaders… the Annual Executive Roundtable’s gathering of eagles.

Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to attend receives an invitation. The Roundtable is sold out every year and always has a waiting list of those with a desire to become a part of this unique gathering. If your company has earned this opportunity to soar, please act on your invitation immediately as registration will most likely close very soon.

Judge for yourself by what companies participated in the previous Roundtables.

The Roundtable is not:

  • A traditional industry conference
  • A place for novices to 'learn the trade'
  • A place for only the most powerful
  • An open meeting



The Roundtable is:

  • A meeting of like minds and experiences
  • An opportunity to build relationships
  • A place to pursue new deals, possible integrations, acquisitions or partnerships




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