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CPA.com and Expensify

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Automated preaccounting in the cloud for firms

While outsourced finance and accounting solutions have helped reinvigorate the client accounting space in recent years, many pain points remain, including outdated methods of approving client receipts and travel expenses.

Everyone hates expense reports, but keeping track of expenses for clients is crucial for firms offering outsourced client accounting services. Successful firms are increasingly implementing automated tools to lower costs, reduce human error, strengthen processes, and improve the lives of both clients and accountants alike. With advanced cloud technology and automation, firms can provide clients with action-driven, intelligent financial data for shaping future decisions.

CPA.com and Expensify have partnered to bring the industry's leading expense reporting solution to firms looking to simplify and automate their receipt and expense management process both firm-wide and for clients. Using cloud technology, Expensify's web and mobile app allows clients to track their receipts on the go, dramatically reducing manual processes and lowering cost (by up to 83%*). Expensify's unique combination of simplicity, power, and user-centric design makes it the preferred expense management solution.

*Expensify clients report that using Expensify reduces time spent on receipt submissions, approvals, and reimbursements by up to 83 percent.