While outsourced finance and accounting solutions have helped reinvigorate the client accounting space in recent years, many pain points remain, including outdated methods of approving client receipts and travel expenses.

Everyone hates expense reports, but keeping track of expenses for clients is crucial for firms offering outsourced client accounting services. As firms need to accurately manage clients’ spends and maintain the client’s financial health, the successful ones are increasingly implementing automated tools for their clients to lower costs, reduce human error, strengthen processes, and improve the lives of both clients and firms. With advanced cloud technology and automation, firms can provide clients with action-driven, intelligent financial data for shaping future decisions.

CPA.com and Expensify have partnered to bring the industry’s leading expense reporting solution to firms looking to simplify and automate their receipt and expense management process. Expensify’s unique combination of simplicity, power, and user-centric design makes it the preferred expense management solution for bookkeepers, accountants, and firms of all sizes, including the Top 500, and their clients. Expensify allows CPA firms to manage client expenses and reconcile corporate credit cards in a single console using real-time, continuously updated information.

Using cloud technology, Expensify’s web and mobile app allows clients to track their receipts on the go, dramatically reducing manual processes and lowering cost (by up to 83%*). Firms benefit from Expensify’s powerful automation features, which reduce human error, increase efficiency, and lowers the time and cost it takes to process and reconcile each report. The result? Clients get a user-friendly experience that incentivizes them to turn in their paperwork, and Firms can take advantage of a powerful cloud-based tool that simplifies their job and allows their clients to make data-driven decisions that can help shape the future of their company.

*Expensify clients report that using Expensify reduces time spent on receipt submissions, approvals, and reimbursements by 83 percent.



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ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program

The ExpensifyApproved! partnership program helps you become an expert in Expensify, so you can provide more value to your clients while spending less time manually tracking receipts and spreadsheets. ExpensifyApproved! partners benefit from hands-on training, assistance onboarding your first client, and a dedicated account manager at Expensify to support you and your clients.

ExpensifyApproved! Partners benefit from:



Preferential savings for your firm and your clients. Adopt Expensify firm-wide and get an additional 5% for both firm and client use, up to 30%.

Firm-wide training and assistance with client onboarding, based on your firm's needs.

Free expedited support for you and your clients.

Co-branded marketing materials.

Exclusive networking opportunities including invitations to sponsored industry events and ExpensiCon.

Client management tools to help manage and track your clients' expenses in one central portal.




Eliminate manual data entry with Expensify’s automated, one-click expense reports.

Here’s what Expensify can do for you and your clients:



Automatic Reporting & Submitting

Expense reports are finished with one tap. SmartScan your receipt and Expensify will code and report the expense for you before finally auto-submitting it for approval.

Automatic Approval

Your unique company policies are analyzed to determine which expenses actually need a manager's review. The rest — like that $3 coffee — are automatically approved.

Automatic Reimbursement

As soon as reports are fully approved, our rapid reimbursement system delivers the money back in the employee's bank account the next day. They'll love you for it!

Automatic Accounting Sync

Any changes made in your accounting system – from new expense accounts to employees and departments – are automatically synced with Expensify in realtime. Direct integration with Intacct and other accounting software.




Corporate Card Reconciliation

Automate receipt matching and categorization for company card transactions to skillfully manage your clients’ expenses and save time for everyone involved.

Centrally manage all of your clients' expenses

No more back-and-forth about missing receipts over the phone and email. Streamline the way your clients track receipts and report expenses directly in Expensify.







"Choosing the appropriate technology to offer your clients can be a challenge. Expensify has made it seamless. Our clients have embraced the mobile app. The powerful functionality that Expensify offers helps to increase accuracy and efficiency, which saves many hours. BDO chose to partner with Expensify because it's great fit for all size clients and covers multiple accounting platforms. We look forward to our continued growth and partnership with Expensify.”

– Deborah Defer, Managing Director

BDO USA Business Services & Outsourcing




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Expense Reporting Challenges

Learn how you can implement Expensify's solution to help your clients of all sizes alleviate their expenses.

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