Innovative Practitioner 2019

The Innovative Practitioner Award shines light on exemplary practitioners. They embrace new strategies and technology by taking the initial steps of a long-term plan or by continually benefiting from early adoption. We received several submissions from the CPA community members, and the profession and an advisory committee voted on the winners.

We are proud to announce the Innovative Practitioner Award 2019 winners and runner-up recipients. You can read their inspirational stories below and consider these ideas for your own firm.





Javier Goldin

Managing Partner
Goldin Group, LLC

Javier Goldin begun as one of the early adapters of technology as an intrinsic component of the services provided by the firm Goldin Group CPAs. As technology continued to develop, these developments allowed the firm to become increasingly sophisticated in its approach to providing outsourced CFO/Controller services by customizing software component to fit the needs of the clients. Each client's "tech stack" was tailored based on the specific needs of the Organization, their culture, and their budget.

Fast forward 5 years and the firm’s model took yet another leap. As the client composition and demand for services grew, the firm noticed that the nature of outsourcing itself was being redefined. Larger clients desired to maintain an internal finance team while deriving the benefits of outsourced CFO services. Namely tech savviness and best practices expertise.

This innovation challenged his firm to implement an internal and external financial team approach. His firm came up with a model that yields the optimal combination of an internal vs external finance team that takes into account factors such as internal competence, volume of activity, level and style of internal leadership, and technology needs, among others. Considering each of these components, the firm was then able to suggest the optimal combination of the jobs and duties required by the external team (his firm) and internal team (the client). This innovation is propelling Javier's firm into an outsourced model that extends beyond technology and CPA skills, and incorporates elements of HR know-how, and by extension, a placement and coaching consultant.



Second Place

Bernard N. Ackerman, CPA/PFS, CFP, CDFA, CGMA

Bernard N. Ackerman, CPA, P.A.

Bernie leads one of the most progressive firms in the world representing how best to modernize a firm, build a dynamic culture, drive firm-wide efficiencies, grow organically and push the boundaries of what firms can do. Rarely do we come across firms and firm owners who drive even the vendors into the future.

Bernie & his team have demonstrated that "people" are not a firm cost but a firm investment. They are developing advisors from the minute they start to work for the firm, with no hierarchy so his team members meet with customers the moment they begin working at the firm. They were early adopters of the cloud which has enabled them to work anywhere at any time and are continuing to test new technologies to better the workplace and create more efficient ways to serve their clients.



Third Place

Michael S. Moffitt CPA/PFS, CFP

MSM Advisors

Michael is always researching new technologies to automate processes office-wide. The firm is sharing these new programs with clients and showing them how to run their businesses from outside the office. He has earned the trust of clients and has encouraged even the most skeptical to embrace new technology. This allows them to work more effectively and spend less time on the mundane tasks, freeing the time to work on growing the business. The clients become excited about the automated accounting aspect of the business. Mike has shown an ability to stay on the cutting edge of Cloud Accounting. He has always explored solutions that were in the best interest of his clients. He was one of the early adopters of a Cloud TechStack Solution.







Chris Gallo

State & Local Tax Director

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Chris built a multi-state sales and use tax filing practice, which produced over $850k in new sales in just 9 months. Prior to Wayfair ruling, Chris had enough insight to anticipate the change, built both the process and team and was able to be prepared to answer the call of compliance needs.
Chris is now seen as an authority and voice in the Sales and Use tax industry, speaking and presenting at countless classes and seminars. Chris was able to go from $0 to a compliance business of over $1.2m in a year, that is both sustainable and valuable to the firm. He did such a great job, he’s now being tasked firm wide with all lines of services as their Financial Accounting Advisory leader.
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Erik C. Parrish, Macc CPA

Fractional CFO Services Practice Leader
Kernutt Stokes LLP

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After helping a West Coast based national patient-financing company quadruple in size and sell to an East Coast private equity company, Erik started a Fractional CFO Services practice that leads a Private Accounting Services practice, including Virtual Accounting Services. The Fractional CFO Services practice has since recruited other seasoned CFOs and continued work in M&A. It leads both large and small businesses and organizations. The Fractional CFO services has also regionally built out Opportunity Zone and Fund consulting that brought in traditional tax services for planning and compliance, which resulted in new buildings and businesses to the region. The Practice is often the first interaction a new company has with the Firm. The Practice is now building out CEO Financial Bootcamps to serve small & medium businesses across the State.
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