8. Differentiating Through Agile

As client accounting advisory services (CAS) mature more questions are arising:

  1. How do we differentiate?
  2. How do we continually improve our service and not become complacent with past success?
  3. How do we get faster with assessments, onboarding and managing projects?

The co-founder of NetFlix shared with the Digital CPA Community in 2017 that we need to have continual iteration in our businesses to build on success and stay ahead. The team at Moss Adams borrowed a process from technology developers, called Agile, to differentiate their services which aided them in winning a large client. In this session, hear how this team is innovating and creating new successes in this growing CAS practice area.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define what Agile is and how it can be applied to services
  • Review the opportunities Agile creates and the impact on your clients