7. What's Next in Pricing: Subscribing to CPA & Business Advisors?

Modern companies have improved upon the subscription model of the past. Smart businesses make it far more user-friendly and transparent than the 1 penny bait offer and impossible-to-cancel “Columbia House Records” approach from the 70s, or the broken cable tv approach that requires a periodic price-renegotiation game because it treats new customers better than loyal ones.

Today’s subscription-model businesses bring enormous value to customers and higher profits to shareholders. Why? Because they center on their businesses around customer-preference insights (via data), and have very predictable cash flow that funds relevant innovation.

CAS or outsourced accounting services know the “sticky factor” in a monthly subscription model, but what’s the applicability for the rest of your firm? How can companies subscribe to tax, audit, and complex business consulting services? And how can we become better at understanding and working with customer data?

Dig into multiple new concepts. Among other takeaways, explore how:

  • Today’s subscription businesses excel at customer experience (or “CX”)
  • We actually make our lives harder and put business at risk with one-year engagements
  • Any repeatable work can be delivered and priced on a subscription basis