6. The Prodigy Problem: A Case Study About Building Exceptional Teams

Dec 10th, 2019

9:00 AM10:15 AM

Every wise leader agrees: “Business is about people.” But they are quick to humbly add: “People issues can be very challenging.” Come hear the story of the “problem prodigy”, a brilliant and skilled young executive who impressed his colleagues in year one, but had them deeply frustrated by year two. His CEO reached out with a classic question: “How do I lead in this situation?” The case illustrates universal change management skills a CEO and other team members can employ to manage any high stakes relationship challenge. Guided by leadership science, a team worked together to carefully guide the team away from the edge, and eventually transformed their team culture. Their team was re-positioned to succeed in adapting to critical market changes and pivot into a new future together. In this presentation you will:

  • Gain strategies for overcoming high stakes people leadership challenges
  • Lead when two colleagues are in conflict
  • Identify the 3 common blind spots of frustrated but benevolent leaders
  • Understand the science of relationship leadership
  • Determine if an executive is capable of changing

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