2020, the New 2025: Digital CPA Update

2020 has accelerated adoption of new technology as well as evolved the CPAs role with their business clients; it has essentially hit fast-forward to deliver what we were on track to experience in 2025 – five years earlier. The events of 2020 have forced a new normal upon us, proving that yesterday's best-practices are not sufficient to navigate the acceleration of change that we are experiencing today. While technologies are maturing at an exponential rate, organizational structures are being turned upside down and processes remain stubbornly linear. These phenomena have been in motion for years, but advisory services have been catapulted to the frontlines and have never been more critical to the Future of Organizations. CPA.com’s President & CEO, Erik Asgeirsson will provide his annual update and be joined by some of the foremost experts on this rapid change, providing an environmental scan of today’s circumstances.