3. Round Tables Discussions

What are Round Tables?

The Round Tables are dedicated time to discuss ideas, strategies, and questions with your peers on a topic. Take advantage of this opportunity to strategize with practitioners on topics impacting the accounting profession.

How do they work?

Select a topic based on an area of interest to participate in the discussion for 75 minutes. If a table is full, try to find another, if there are not any available, pull up another chair. A facilitator is at each table to help keep the conversation going. If the group at a table gets too large split off to a second table so everyone can be heard and participate.


Table Number and Topic Facilitator
1: Is subscription pricing a thing in accounting? Michelle Golden River, Fore LLC
2: How to develop instincts you can trust? Tom Hood, CPA.CITP, CGMA, MACPA,
Bill Sheridan, BLI Online
3: What will CAS look like in the next 5 years? Dixie McCurley, Trusted CFO Solutions
4: Can all staff become consultants? Gale Crosley, Crosely+Company
5: When and how to establish a Joint Venture vs Merger Gabby Luoma, MOD Ventures, LLC
6: Discussing CAS Benchmarks and Metrics Renee Moelders, ConvergenceCoaching
Brit Berbas, CPA.com
7: Ways to build outsourced finance teams in accounting firms Patti Newcomer, Intuit
8: Liability questions for advisory services Stan Sterna, Aon
Sarah Ference, CNA
9: What can we learn from tech companies Matt West, CPA.com
Vishal Thakkar, CPA.com
10: Approaches to innovate within a small firm Carl Peterson, CPA, AICPA
11: Approaches to innovate within a mid-sized firm Lisa Simpson, AICPA
12: Approaches to innovate within a large firm Inga Arendt, CPA, Wipfli
13: What are accounting professionals discussing about Blockchain? Ron Quaranta, Wallstreet Blockchain Alliance
Jeremy Drane, Lukka
14: Strategies and Challenges of building CAS in a traditional firm Elinor Litwack, CPA, GFR CPAs & Advisors
15: Is the Value or Process of assurance services changing? Amy Pawlicki, AICPA
Matt Towers, CPA.com
16: Skills we need to develop in staff? Natalie Hoffmann, CPA, Honkamp Krueger & Co. PC
17: Building the audit tech stack Karen Larsen, CPA, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
18: Defusing frustration of building a CAS practice Javier Goldin, CPA, Goldin Group, LLC
19: Doing your due diligence in selecting technology solutions Ashley Doyen, CPA.com
Steve Menges, CPA.com
20: Cybersecurity - New Iteration of Information Management Services Steve Ursillo, CPA, CHerry Bekaell LLP
21: "How to Start with AI" Eitan Anzenberg, Bill.com