Success Story

How to achieve a smarter, more efficient CAS-to-Tax project pipeline

Your firm’s Client Accounting Services (CAS) practice can lay the groundwork for smooth, seamless tax preparation. But if CAS and Tax aren’t truly aligned, not only do efficiency and profitability suffer – so does the client experience. Employee satisfaction can also be compromised.

Greater visibility and communication between CAS and Tax are the keys – but can be difficult to achieve in firms still relying heavily on spreadsheets or generic project management tools.

XCMworkflow® can virtually erase the divide between CAS and Tax departments, delivering smoother handoffs, 1-click visibility into status and task-related information, higher client and employee satisfaction – and the efficiency and performance gains firms need to achieve greater profitability.

XCMworkflow gives firms practical tools they can use to:

  • Assign tasks to individuals from a single hub
  • Reinforce processes with approved checklists
  • Permanently associate client-specific project points with individual clients
  • Easily link tasks between departments
  • Instantly access historical task information

Download this XCM Use Case to learn more about how to align your CAS and Tax business processes for greater productivity and efficiency.