Success Story

Business-changing analytics insights on demand — built specifically for CPAs

CPA firms looking to put analytics insights to work face two fundamental challenges. The first hurdle is collecting the data. The second is identifying actionable insights from all that data.

The good news is that the technology solutions in place at many CPA firms today gather components of the data needed to answer these questions at unprecedented rates. But that doesn’t mean these firms are doing anything with the data — such as aggregating, analyzing and putting the resulting insights to work to improve their operations.

XCManalytics as a Service® gives CPA firms the ability to plug their data into advanced analytics tools to start generating insights immediately, without having to develop an in-house solution. It offers firms a host of critical analytics capabilities including:


  • Performance benchmarking
  • Click-through visibility into issues
  • Multi-dimensional view of metrics – including both historical and future-forward insights
  • New key performance indicators being used by industry peers

Download this use case to understand how XCManalytics as a Service can get the business-changing analytics you need, opening the door to stronger performance, increased profitability and higher satisfaction among both clients and employees.