What does being a Trusted Business Advisor really mean?

Recently a discussion topic was posted on the AICPA Trusted Business Advisor Solution LinkedIn group about what it means to be a trusted business advisor and how to best keep an open communication stream with clients.

When thinking about marketing strategies for trusted business advisors, one of the LinkedIn group members said, “It’s all about positioning yourself as not only your client’s trusted financial advisor, but also as their trusted business advisor.” He went on to say that advisors need to focus on general management issues, not just tax and accounting matters, and to visit with clients at least once quarterly to ensure you are kept abreast of what’s happening in their business.

Another member concurred that one of the most valuable techniques a trusted business advisor can employ is the “human touch” method of checking in regularly, outside of the service cycle.  She wrote, “Nothing says I’m thinking about you and I care about your success more than an outbound e-mail or phone call out of cycle.”

“Avoid being on the wrong side of the price/value curve,” commented another member. “Now more than ever, we need to communicate value.”

Some of the marketing strategies several people mentioned included:

  • Webinars to communicate legislative/regulatory changes and how those changes may impact your clients’ business;
  • Client newsletters and white papers on broader, general management topics demonstrating your command of not only the profession, but of the business world overall;
  • Speaking engagements aimed at value-added services and issues clients face in the current economic climate; and
  • Hiring marketing, communication, and/or public relation staff to assist the firm in establishing its position as a trusted business advisor.

You might consider joining the AICPA Trusted Business Advisor Solutions LinkedIn group to learn more about best practices in the profession, to share advice, to ask questions, and to become a member of a 1,000+-person group of professionals like you.

Additionally, “Becoming a Trusted Business Advisor: How to Add Value, Improve Client Loyalty, and Increase Profits” was recently released. Find out how to uncover critical client needs in ten minutes or less; how to help your clients prioritize their wish lists; and how to help them quantify the value of addressing each of the issues that keep them awake at night!

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If you have trusted business advisor tips and marketing techniques, please share your thoughts and comments here.