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Firm leaders: Self-management strategies that make a difference

May 26, 2016

Most firm leaders are so focused on projects, tasks and supervising others that they forget to keep their eyes on self-management – the skills and strategies that anchor personal and professional growth. Continue reading

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Goal Setting for the New Year: Get Innovative

Jan 08, 2016

Are you still on track with your new year’s resolutions, or have you written them down yet? We typically contemplate resolutions for our personal lives, and in our business lives we think of them as the new year’s goals. Continue reading

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Place Your Oxygen Mask on Before Helping Others

Sep 18, 2015

Young, carefree, lighthearted... these were the adjectives of your youth. But with back to school going on for many in these past weeks, you begin to wonder where all the time went and what are you going to do about the future. Continue reading

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Survey Says: Managing Vendors and Service Providers is a Key Priority

Jun 27, 2015

The AICPA released its 25th Anniversary Top Technology Initiatives (TTI) Survey this spring, an Continue reading

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Do I have to think about that anymore?

Jan 13, 2015

For years I spoke to firms about integration. With appropriate setup you click a button and everything happens automagically! When you did the setup right this is what it looked like to everyone else, magic. Continue reading

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Saving trees and gaining efficiencies in 2015

Dec 28, 2014

As we finish up 2014, and look forward into the future, one thing we still can’t seem to part with is mail. Continue reading

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Talking Technology on the Global Stage

Nov 13, 2014

Global accounting organizations have to negotiate differences in culture, customs and language, but one item that needs no translation is the importance of information technology and innovation to the profession’s future. Continue reading

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What is the Comparison Between Electricity and Cloud Computing?

Sep 30, 2014

Is information technology (IT) a service or technology? We tend to think of technology as an asset we acquire and maintain. Continue reading

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The Future Ready CPA

Sep 18, 2014

It’s tough to make predictions. Especially about the future.      Yogi Berra Continue reading