Maturing of the Cloud and Its Impact

Technology is profoundly changing the CPA profession. As the cloud matures, the challenge for firms is not just about adopting and optimizing the latest web-based solutions and services. It's about clarifying what makes your firm tick – the crucial element that business strategist Simon Sinek calls your 'why' – and using technology as a means to get there. That's the message our CEO, Erik Asgeirsson delivered in his keynote at the New York Accounting Technology Show this past week. Consider how the landscape is changing:

  • Geoffrey Moore, author of "Crossing the Chasm," says the digital transformation of the profession has already shifted into the 'early majority' phase – it's crossed the chasm.
  • It's never been easier to quantify productivity improvements. Our partner XCM Solutions says CPA's at smaller firms can save up to 40 minutes a day using digital tax workflows (that's per user!), with bigger firms notching larger gains.
  • Your clients are eager to go paperless – they just need the right push from a trusted advisor. Another of our partners,, already processes more than $11 billion in electronic payments a year.

Take a look through Erik's presentation for a broader take on change in the profession. If you're eager to learn more, we have whitepapers, case studies and a June 3rd webinar on becoming a Digital CPA. Keep checking back on for more materials in the weeks and months ahead.

An online banking service tailored to the needs of accountants and bookkeepers? Yes!

Online banking has been around for years, mostly designed for the needs of consumers and small businesses. In fact, many major banks have offered bill payment services and other basic banking services long before there was an Internet. Do you remember Pronto or Bill Pay USA? Online banking has come a long way since then, especially as a powerful tool for accountants and bookkeepers to use to service their clients.

An excellent article on “Should Your Company Switch to Online Banking?” takes a fresh new look at online banking and why it just may be time for your firm to take another look at this convenient, time-saving service.

“As a small business owner, every day the office manager would bring me a stack of checks to sign,” says René Lacerte, founder and CEO of “Inevitably, I would have questions: Had the engineer approved this expense? When was the last time I paid this vendor — it seemed like I'd paid them just recently? Could I have more documentation about this invoice?” If that sounds like something you or your clients have experienced, take a few minutes now to read the full article.

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New ACH bill payment service from should have the banks worried!

If you hate giving away money to the banks, take a few minutes now to read this recent posting from ZDNet blogger Phil Wainewright. Phil's posting “ hits the banks when they're down” will have you and your clients cheering for Take a look. It's worth a read.

The link to Phil's post: