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Move your brand to a professional level

Jul 07, 2016

These days many CPAs and their firms are looking for solutions that will put their company on the map and help them compete professionally. Naturally branding plays a key role in a firm’s overall perception and credibility. Continue reading

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It helps to build your brand around a solid framework

Mar 12, 2016

When building a sustainable brand with any level of complexity, it’s important to build it based on a sound and solid structure or framework. Continue reading

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Does the Accounting Profession Suffer from a Branding Issue?

Feb 20, 2016

Branding in the accounting profession is in a state of transition, says Richard Shuback, Brand Steward at Richard Shuback, LLC. Continue reading

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Identifying your North Star

Jan 16, 2016

Definition of a company or product can sometimes take on multiple interpretations. These inconsistent elevator pitches often lead to conflicting brand statements as well as confusion for both staff and the marketplace. Continue reading

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Making an Informed Decision When Judging Creative

Dec 19, 2015

On several occasions my clients have asked me to make recommendations to their junior teams on how to best judge the work I’m about to share with them. Continue reading

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Building a Brand Family

Oct 30, 2015

When developing a brand strategy, many times the creative direction is driven by more than one entity. Most companies today have several products and/or services that live under one core brand. Continue reading

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There's a Practical Method to Logo Selection

Oct 02, 2015

From time to time I've run across posts on social media asking for help in choosing a logo. Generally 3 to 5 designs are uploaded and are identified with letters or numbers beneath them. There's usually little other information provided. Continue reading

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What is a brand anyway?

Sep 05, 2015

Whenever I first meet someone, and they ask me what I do, my response is usually something like: "I develop corporate branding." Continue reading

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Leveraging Your CPA Brand

Feb 28, 2015

Now that tax season is underway and firms are emailing clients nonstop we need to ask ourselves; what am I saying about my brand? Continue reading

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Build your accounting practice with video marketing

Sep 08, 2014

Are you doing enough to market your accounting practice and engage your audience? If you haven’t explored video marketing, you could be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Continue reading