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Online Audit Confirmations

We help make audit confirmations fast, easy and secure.

Confirming financial data is a complex and crucial part of every audit. Outdated confirmation methods are susceptible to human error and open the door to fraudulent activity. Manual processes are also highly inefficient—wasting precious time that you don’t have to spare.

Confirmation is the answer to these common pain points. The solution’s secure digital platform seamlessly connects auditors; clients; and responders, including banks, law firms and businesses.

Reach anyone you need, anywhere in the world—whether you're working on bank, legal, AR/AP or employee benefit plan confirmations.

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Complete confirmations in minutes, not months, by following an online process.



Manage the audit process from any device, 24/7.



Access client audit and bank data in one location for a streamlined, organized experience.



Protect sensitive client data at every stage of the process and reduce the risk of fraud.



Provide audit staff with a world-class solution to easily manage the audit confirmation process. Training and support is available when you need help.



Automate and streamline the confirmation process, making it easier for auditors, clients and banks and improving relationships among all stakeholders.



Batch upload company addresses and invoice data efficiently to eliminate mail-merge headaches.

Learn more about the protocols used by Confirmation for data integrity, platform security and privacy.

Join the more than 125,000 CPAs who are already working smarter and faster with Confirmation.

Auditors trust Confirmation’s network of tens of thousands of validated, authenticated responders. Confirmation is committed to protecting data and reducing fraud. Our services exceed security-industry standards and pass hundreds of security audits each year.

Maximize efficiency and improve response rates by managing all of your confirmations, online or mailed, in a single, secure platform. Confirmation significantly reduces audit confirmation response times. And because data is centralized, new auditors can quickly reprise clients’ confirmation requests from year to year. Confirmation also seamlessly integrates with several other major solutions, including CaseWare Working Papers, CCH ProSystem Engagement and Thomson Reuters Engagement CS.


Online Audit Confirmations

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"With the greater time savings, workflow efficiency and security an online platform offers, I can't imagine why any firm would not want to make that transition."

Kim Thomason

Managing Director

Thomason Financial Resources

Kim Thomason

You can use Confirmation to manage more than 80 types of audit confirmations including:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Asset
  • Cutoff Statement
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Escrow Account
  • Legal Confirmations
  • Liability
  • Line of Credit
  • Securities Held With Broker
  • Securities Held With Custodian
  • Signature Card
  • And More

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The Importance of Authentication and Authorization

Brian Fox, CPA discusses common trends of sending confirmation requests to third parties, and the risk to firms that don't follow proper authentication and authorization procedures.

New strategies to efficiently manage audit confirmations

Alan Anderson, Founder of ACCOUNT-ability Plus, discusses a new approach for firms to manage their audit confirmations

Confirmation Testimonial - John Tax, CPA

Watch John Tax, Audit Partner at Friedman LLP, as he explains how Confirmation helped to create a more efficient centralized audit workflow at his firm.


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