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XCM Solutions

Manage your firm's entire workflow with a single cloud-based application.

XCM is an easy-to-use cloud-based tool that manages and automates workflow for every area of your firm, including A&A, Tax, Consulting Accounting Services, Human Resources and more.

  • Increases firm productivity up to 30%
  • Works with your existing technology investments
  • Acts as a central repository for key information
  • Provides real-time work tracking, due date monitoring and reporting
  • Adapts to your existing workflow processes and empowers you to improve them

XCM is a firm-wide workflow management solution that has helped over 28,000 users benefit from a better workflow process, saving them money and time, while ensuring better accountability and control over all internal processes.

Whether you're a sole practitioner, a partner in a mid-size firm or work in a large national firm with dozens or even hundreds or thousands of employees, XCM can dramatically transform your workflow, improving efficiency and productivity.

The benefits of using XCM span your entire firm:

Eliminates inefficient manual workflow processes
If your firm is still using a manual workflow process, then you know how difficult it can be to move projects through your office. Reams of paperwork mount up everywhere. Countless non-billable hours are used to move files and chase down the status of tax returns. Response time to client requests is slow and inefficient.

Automates standardized processes
XCM automates and standardizes processes for completing work across the firm and in all departments including audit, client accounting, tax, consulting and human resources. As a complete firm-wide stand-alone solution, XCM works well with various practice management, document management, budgeting and time and billing applications. Simply put, it provides a full picture of all work within your firm.

Boosts productivity
With XCM, you can expect to immediately boost your firm's productivity, increase profits, and enhance your overall
ability to service clients. And you can access XCM from anywhere, anytime, home or office, as long as you are connected to the internet.

A tool tailored to the needs of your firm – for small, mid-size or large firms
From a firm of one to firms with hundreds or thousands of people, XCM can make your workflow more efficient and profitable.

Designed by CPAs for CPAs
XCM is the only workflow management software that can be tailored to mirror your current workflow process to create a whole new standard of efficiency in your office. It's designed to help you address the challenges of manual process management, giving you greater control and access to real-time information.

See what XCM can do for your firm. Sign up for a demo today.

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