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Learn how XCM solves your firm's problems:

What day-to-day problems and dilemmas do you and your staff face in your firm? Find out why XCM may well be the simple answer to all the workflow problems you face.

Your Dilemma:

Managers & Staff

“I can't control my work through the piles of files on my floor. I know something is going to be missed.”

Firm Administrator

“Work doesn't seem to be moving out the door fast enough. I want real time process reports to keep me updated.”

Tax & Audit Partner

“My client wants to know the status of his return and I can't give it to him quick enough.”

Managing Partner

“My staff is working hard but are they working smart? There has to be a better way to increase productivity.”
dailyorganizer.jpg employeetodolist.jpg statusofclientsreturns.jpg accessvitalinformation.jpg
Daily Organizer Employee To-Do List Status of Client Returns Access Vital Information

Our Solution:

  • XCM streamlines your workflow, saving you hours looking through piles of paperwork for information
  • Increases staff efficiency, decreases non-billable hours
  • Lets you access tasks remotely, allowing you to maintain normalized work-life balance
  • XCM allows you to control the process and manager your staff more efficiently
  • Provides real-time information on the workload status of each staff member.
  • Allows you to adjust employee workload when needed
  • XCM helps you respond quickly to client requests with remote, real-time access to information
  • Increases client satisfaction while reducing employee stress and anxieties
  • Gives you more time for client value added activities
  • XCM streamlines the whole work flow process to save you valuable time, and boost productivity
  • Measures staff performance and holds people accountable
  • Improved productivity leads to increased profitability


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